Mohit Sehgal’s UP guy act in ‘Sarojini’ gets to the nerves of his girlfriend Sanaya Irani


In spite of having known and been with him since last five years, actress Sanaya Irani is of late, facing difficulties in trying to understand her boyfriend Mohit Sehgal. And now, before you start getting any wrong ideas, the couple is very much together and their relationship rock solid. It is only that, Mohit’s onscreen character that of a UP guy in his latest upcoming TV show ‘Sarojini’ is spilling over in his real life too, much to the irk of his girlfriend Sanaya.

The actor, who is seen mouthing his dialogues in a typical UP dialect, has taken to speak in the same way with Sanaya and his friends, making it difficult for them to understand. Mohit’s character in ‘Sarojini’ is that of a small town guy from Pratapgarh, who is shown wearing loud and flashy clothes.

Mohit has been trying hard to get the nuances of his character right. ‘Sarojini’ which was earlier titled as ‘Zilla Chhapra’ has been produced by Rashmi Sharma Productions and will launch from 20th July on ‘Zee TV’.


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  1. Swati

    Iam sure..poor guy is trying so hard that he dosen’t fail this time…he grabbed a side role in this show by begging his fake gal frnd Sanaya Irani who is apparently a television queen… he gets kicked out..wat will happen??

    I hope he dosen’t come in Jhalak and show his GAWARPANTI there..anyways he is a bad luck for sanaya…

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