Paoli Dam

‘Yaara Silly Silly’ portrays mature relationship: Subhash Sehgal

Paoli Dam
Paoli Dam

Mumbai, Sep 14 : Subhash Sehgal, who is returning to direction after over 15 years with “Yaara Silly Silly” — a title inspired from Lata Mangeshkar’s song “Yaara sili sili”, says the movie portrays a mature love story involving a prostitute.

“This is a relationship-based film. To sum it up in one line, I would say it is a love story born in bed. By bed, what I mean is that the central character is a prostitute, being played by Paoli Dam.

“The genre that it portrays is that of a mature relationship,” Sehgal, who last directed “Pyaar Koi Khel Nahin”, said.

The title of his new film is taken from the song in “Lekin”, helmed by Gulzar, with whom Sehgal has had a long association with.

Sehgal stated that initially they were unhappy with the working title of the film. He felt a catchy title was essential for viewers to be drawn to his film and the inspiration came from “Lekin…”, which he had edited.

“I have a habit of listening to music before sleeping and I chanced upon this song ‘Yaara sili sili’ from ‘Lekin…’. That’s when it struck me that this could be a great title.

“And then we replaced ‘Sili Sili’ with the English ‘Silly Silly’. I’ve received a tremendous response for my choice of title,” he said.

Sehgal claims that several top actresses loved the script of his new film when he approached them, but they couldn’t do it due to lack of availability of dates. He would have had to wait for two to three years to get their dates. That’s when he decided to begin immediately.

“Meanwhile, I happened to see Paoli Dam’s ‘Hate Story’, and I spotted the character in Paoli, who would be able to justify this role. I approached her with the script. She loved it and said that she would love to do the film. Subsequently, she was signed,” said Sehgal.

In the film, Paoli is paired with Parambrata Chatterjee.

Jointly produced by Reena Bhushan Suri and Neena Subhash Sehgal under the banner Movee Dreems, the film is slated to release on October 30.


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