Kaushik Ganguly

In West Bengal, National Awards won by a film count, says Kaushik Ganguly

 Kaushik Ganguly
Kaushik Ganguly

New Delhi, June 11 : Bengali filmmaker Kaushik Ganguly, who has won multiple National Film Awards for his projects like “Shabdo”, “Chotoder Chobi” and “Bishorjon”, says that in West Bengal, if a film has won a National Award, Bengalis don’t wait for the newspaper reviews and go for it.

“National Awards do count sometimes when it comes to selling a film… Especially in West Bengal, two things have to match — the director and the award. They choose their directors,” Ganguly told IANS here.

The filmmaker was here for the Habitat Film Festival.

“There are three to four directors they prefer and they will definitely see their film. In addition, when they get to know that the film has got the Best Bengali film award… It is a double assurance they get.

“They don’t have to wait for the newspaper reviews. To assess in that case it is a quicker method for them. They decide instantly that I am going to see this film,” he added.


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