"Phullu" director Abhishek Saxena

‘Phullu’ makers to show film to Delhi Education Minister

 "Phullu" director Abhishek Saxena
“Phullu” director Abhishek Saxena

Mumbai, June 10: “Phullu” director Abhishek Saxena says a screening of his film, which talks about creating awareness around sanitary napkins, is being organised for Delhi’s Education Minister Manish Sisodia on June 12.

The movie has been given an ‘A’ certificate by the censor board, and Saxena feels it is affecting the wider reach to the mass audience and its promotion on mainstream media.

Asked about their motive to reach out to Sisodia, Saxena told here: “Since we have got ‘A’ certificate for the film, we cannot show the trailer of the film (freely) anywhere on TV or radio. We are only using social media for the promotion of the film which is why we are unable to reach many people.

“So we have decided to show the film to Manish Sisodia, who along with some other cabinet ministers, is coming to see our film on June 12 in Delhi. Let’s hope if they can help us for at least a ‘U/A’ certificate. We need their support.”

What was the CBFC’s explanation for giving an ‘A’ certificate?

“My argument was that when it comes to TV ad films on sanitary napkin, that don’t get ‘A’ certification, then why is it with our film? On that, they (censors) replied that the content of my film is ‘adult’. But there is nothing obscene in the film,” Saxena said.

The filmmaker has already planned to host some special screenings in small towns to create awareness about the use of sanitary napkins.

“We will be travelling with the film, in different villages of Uttar Pradesh, Haryana and Maharashtra on special free screenings where people can come and watch the film. We will also visit some schools where we will invite students to watch the film and it could be a part of their sex education awareness,” Saxena added.

“Phullu” is releasing on June 16.


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