Shruti Dhasmana Ram Nepali ft. Radhey

Nepali band wins contest for amateur musicians

Shruti Dhasmana Ram Nepali ft. Radhey
Shruti Dhasmana Ram Nepali ft. Radhey

New Delhi, June 9: Shruti Dhasmana Ram Nepali ft. Radhey, a Nepali band, was named the winner in the critics choice category of the first season of the Indian Band League (IBL).

The online contest, which received over 100 entries for amateur musicians saw 10 bands battling it out to be victorious.

The Nepali band, consisting of Shruti on vocals and ukulele, Ram on guitar, Radhey on rhythm, were declared the winner on Thursday on the grounds of music arrangement, singing quality and the essence of the song.

The contest, conceptualised by Musical Dreams Academy, was judged by Harish Moyal (singer), Gurdeep Mehndi (singer and music director) and Priyanka Negi (singer).

Pop, rock and Sufi group – Love Broke Band comprising Mukeem Khan on vocals, Naushad Khan on tabla, Aftab Alam on rhythm, Abhishek Sharma on drums and Shahreyar Hasan on keyboard, performed the song “Jugni”. They won the public’s choice title.

“All the bands were well received and appreciated by many people. The inquiries for the next season are already pouring in. Some of the best feedbacks that we received were that it is encouraging artistes to create music and not to replicate music. It is a step forward to fresh music by budding talent,” Meeta Nagpal, Founder of Musical Dreams, said in a statement.


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