Nasir Khan plans a trilogy on his father, late comedian actor Johnny Walker




A true scene stealer, comedian actor Johnny Walker was feared by many top actors of his time, when it came to sharing screen space with him. While most of his contemporaries indulged in over the top antics for providing viewers with their laughter dose, Johnny Walker proved that, comedy can also be packaged in subtle form. And now, Nasir Khan, son of the late actor, has taken upon himself to showcase his father’s skills which were loved by the young and old alike.

However, Nasir claims that, the movie will not be a biopic in true sense; instead, it is a suspense thriller, with the protagonist bearing the name of Johnny Walker. A newbie actor named Roman Sen has been finalized to play the title role. The yet untitled movie, which is being produced and directed by Nasir Khan, is being planned as a trilogy and will be made in three parts.

Writer Sajid, who has had the opportunity of working on a few Johnny Walker’s project in the past, is co-writing the script of Nasir’s movie along with Kamran. Nasir mentons that, his father always preferred staying away from vulgarity and firmly believed that the movies should be made for family viewing. Some old songs and sequences from the late comedian’s movies are likely to be made use of for reference purpose in Nasir Khan’s directorial venture.


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