Athiya’s choice of her favorite actor rubs Salman Khan’s team members the wrong way

Athiya-Salman-Shah Rukh
Athiya-Salman-Shah Rukh

Little did she know that, her innocent statement would result in rubbing her mentor’s team in a, wrong way. We are talking about debutante actress Athiya Shetty, who seems to have ruffled the feathers of people close to her mentor, Salman Khan, after she mentioned about her favorite actor being, Shah Rukh Khan, in one of the media gatherings during the promotions of her movie ‘Hero’.

While superstars are known to keep massive egos for obvious reasons, the people who work with them too are no less than the superstars themselves. Hence, when Athiya showcased her loyalties for Shah Rukh, Salman’s crew members were quick to point out the faux pas made by the newbie.

Although the warring superstars have called truce after their big fight and are seen complimenting each other on various occasions, Salman’s team was unhappy about their master being overshadowed by Shah Rukh that too, on a platform which rightfully belonged to him. While Salman himself may have taken Athiy’s statement about liking Shah Rukh more, in the right spirit, it was his staff who felt more offended on the actor’s behalf. Well Athiya, in future, think before you speak.


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