Yuvan Shankar Rajas second marriage with Shilpa

Yuvan Shankar Rajas second marriage with Shilpa

Being the second son of Isaignani Ilayaraja, it’s preferably music that fills his cup of joy and remains to be a divine source of endless inspiration. So much so that our very own Yuvan Shankar Raja prides himself being the voice of the youth of Kolly town. But there is something missing to this captivating musical romance. Where is the ‘Missy’ Yuvan? is what many of his fans want to know.

Worry not people there is news that our composer has finally found his better half in a girl named Shilpa. We came to know that Yuvan met this beautiful lady Shilpa at a private party after being introduced by friends. Both of them struck off really well and have been in touch ever since. In fact even their friends feel that ‘Yuvan & Shilpa’ were just meant to be together and compliments have been pouring in with the news spreading wild. It can be recalled, the composer has had a bad patch with his London based wife Sujaya Rao, after he divorced her stating irreconcilable differences between them. Now that he enters a new phase in his life Yuvan wants to keep things private for the moment and hopefully will reveal the good news once things have been finalized.

All the best for your second innings Yuvan!

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  1. KAM

    why this guy need a wife when he can wank him self. when he cannot produce good music imagine and the guy think he is cool.

  2. guy

    a guy getting married for the 2nd time and all of are congratualting him.. imagine if a woman is doing the same.. how many names all would have called her? i’m happy that he’s getting married again without having to worry abt a wife who he has lived with for only 6 months.. but women should also be treated the same way..

  3. Vasin

    Paru Paru ithan indecent comment. Intha comment kum ennoda comments kum difference irku. This is malicious. I go to that extra contraversial step that normally people avoid but I believe if you got good education and style you can do it without making it look ugly but I think I fall short in both education and style. That is why I face so much antagonism.

  4. Meera Musiclover

    My chella Yuvan, i’ve always been attached 2 yur voice ever since i saw u in chennai , i love u <3 N i will be missin u :'( Best of luck xxx

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