Nayantara to quit Tamil Films

Will she or won’t she: Nayantara’s dilemma continues

Nayantara to quit Tamil Films

Nayantara’s last film was the Telugu hit Sri Rama Rajyam which released late last year and did very well at the box-office. The actress, who is in love with director Prabhudeva, was to get married to him last year itself but due to her acting assignments and Prabhudeva’s commitments as a film-maker kept the marriage at bay.

Right from New Year day onwards, speculation has already started in the media as to whether Prabhudeva and Nayantara would get married this year and if they decide to tie the nuptial knot, what would be the date of marriage. In order to marry Nayantara, Prabhudeva divorced his wife Ramalat, with whom he had lived for 15 years, after getting a decree from the Family Court in Chennai to that effect.

Prabhu is said to have spent almost his ‘entire fortune’ by giving away cash and property worth crores of rupees to Ramalat so as to make her agree to the divorce and not to contest it in the Court. Meanwhile, Nayantara is said to be approached for new film offers by many Tamil and Telugu film producers and directors, who are ready to pay her more than Rs.1 crore per film.

Nayan too appears to be in a dilemma as to whether to quit acting or re-launch her career. There have been conflicting reports in the media about this. While she said that Sri Rama Rajyam would be her last film in her career, she hinted late last year said that she had not quit the industry ‘outright’ and that she might be back soon. It is also rumoured that she is quoting a very ‘high fee’ to the producers so that they don’t come back to her again.

It’d be better for her as well as the producers and directors if she made her stand clear!


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