Will Rajini say Yes to Cherans Script written for him?


Director-turned-actor Cheran is all set to move ahead in Kolllywood after making a decent enough impression with his latest film ‘Yudhdham Sei’ directed by friend and fellow director Mysskin. The film, which is about serial killings which rock the city, had Cheran playing the role of a cop sans the usual gravity-defying stunt sequences.
With the print and television media giving ‘thumbs up’ to the film, Cheran has said that he personally felt that an actor’s job is far easier than that of a director. He said that he had a mega-project ready on hand but had to locate suitable producer to make the film. Though he loved to make many films like ‘Thavamai Thavamirundhu’, he had to take care of the commercial angle of the films too and ensure that each film rakes in money at the box-office.

Speaking as candidly as ever, Cheran said that he wanted to make a film starring Rajini in the lead. He said that he had a script which would suit Rajini very well and would be celebrated as his ‘Mullum Malarum’, ‘Engeyo Ketta Kural’, etc. He added that he didn’t want to add commercial aspects to the script to make it look like a ‘perfect Rajni film’.
“If Rajni Sir agrees to do the film, it would be a milestone film in his career and would make Tamilians feel proud. The film would also be a significant one in the history of Tami films. I’m ready to direct him on any given day; now, the ball is in Rajini Sir’s Court,” concluded Cheran.

Would Rajini be up to it?



  1. stanly

    rajni will not agree 100%sure……………………..he do not do movie with upcuming directrs.he is selfish and aftr robot his flag is flying high

  2. aravind

    rajini lack the guts of trying different story…….he is afraid of his own success and never beloves young directors and talents…he just relies on copy cat Shankar


    please  see this song this is worth more than 100s of oscars

    you know who is the music director find out ?

  4. valavil sasi

    Rajani sir will surely miss this glass of “amruthu”
    and grab some “Thair saadam” role with some other commercial director
    he is totally addicted to his mass appeal and really dont want to come out of that comfort zone
    and try out movies like Kamal,Surya, Amithabh & Mammootty

  5. Vasin

    Rajnik is going to accept it. You wait and see. Cheran is a marvellous artist. Rajnik knows that. He would do a film for him. 

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