Will Rajini repeat his hide-and-seek during this election too?


He is known as the ‘man of the masses’  well-known and widely acknowledged infact his popularity transcends religious, linguistic, caste and State borders, the most popular Indian film personality outside India, and even in countries such as Japan where people seldom get to watch films. He’s none other than our own Superstar Rajinikanth!

A couple of days back, Rajini received the ‘Entertainer of the Decade’ award, instituted by the popular channel NDTV, at a glittering function in Mumbai. Prannoy Roy, the chief of NDTV, put the question point-blank at Rajini when he asked whether he (Rajini) would be indulging in politics during this election or in the near future.

Rajini’s reply was as evasive as only he can be. Rajini, who has  fans in almost all the political parties, has always remained non-committal whenever the question of his political entry is broached upon by the scribes. The journals in the State unfailingly reel off articles and predictions at the time of elections about whether Rajini would take the political plunge or express his support to any of the existing political outfits.

This time, with the State Assembly elections due in a couple of months from now, it appears that Rajini would maintain status quo: not taking the political plunge as well as not expressing support. In fact, he would go a step further and even be out of the country at the time of the Assembly elections in the State, it is widely believed.

Major portions of the shooting of Rajini’s upcoming film ‘Rana’ is likely to be held in England at London, Birmingham Palace and the Wales, which have many places of historical significance. The film, which would have Rajini playing triple roles almost after 30 years, is likely to start rolling from March and might to on upto May. Rajni might air-dash to Chennai only to cast his vote, sources close to him say.

As if to confuse the press further, Raijni reportedly told a senior scribe at the Mumbai airport a few days back that he only said at the NDTV function that he had ‘no comments’ to offer about politics and added that it need not necessarily mean that he had ‘no idea’ of entering politics!



  1. KSfamily

    I guess this time this guy wouldnt come and support DMK. Because if he does, then people will abstain him and think he is part of the Corrupt DMK party. Its better that he stays out of country for shooting movies, otherwise he might be getting in trouble. Because this is age of facebook, twitter and internet. Nobody can escape and all corrupt politicians, officers etc will be exposed and jailed soon. Let India Prosper!

  2. Aravind

    REEL hero real zero……he is just an actor not a super human…just leave him alone…let him rob money frm tamils as long as he can…..

  3. Srinivas Naidu

    Leave him alone.  Rajini will enter into politics only when Jayalalitha starts troubling him after becoming CM This time.  It is better if she does not bother him and leaves him alone so that she could rule in peace. 

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