Will Rajini don the role of a hunchback

Rajini positive about his role as a hunchback with director Shankar
Rajini positive about his role as a hunchback with director Shankar

The latest buzz is that our Rajini will our super star don the role of a hunchback (An individual whose back is hunched due to abnormal convex curvature of the upper spine.) based on a mystery of India.

Super Star during Diwali Special interview with SUN TV had revelaed  that Director Shankar had approached him with three scripts. “He came with the story of Sivaji, Enthiran/Robot and the story of a hunchback. I did the Sivaji and the Robot films. There is only one story left”

We saw two of them turn out to be blockbusters, enthralling us with sparkling performances in Sivaji and Enthiran.The third one is the one which is not shot ,will it present the star in a role of a hunchback.

Earlier when Director Shankar wanted Rajini to star in Enthiran the actor had refused to play the role till the suggestion for the scientist in Enthiran was made and Sivaji turning into a sucess was the only reason Rajini had approved Endhirna , and even then the star wasn’t really sure if it would be appealing to his fansl.

Now that both Sivaji and endhiran are officially declared mega hits, all arrows do point towards a positive decision. Rajini also added that he still hasn’t got enough of the director, and if shankar walks in with a script he would immediately accept it, and Shankar  is the only director with whom he doesn’t feel tired working again and again. Hunchback or not we our waiting to be mesmerized with another blazing performance from our superstar.



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