Will Nayantara embrace Hinduism to marry Prabhudeva?

Nayanthara in Sri Rama Rajyam

A debate is raging on as to whether or not actress Nayantara would be converting to Hinduism in order to marry Prabhudeva, who is awaiting the divorce decree at any time which would sever all his connections with first wife Ramalat. It may be noted that Ramalat, who was born as a Muslim, converted to Hinduism (and changed her name to Latha) prior to marrying Prabhudeva in the mid-nineties.

Nayantara’s actual name is Diana Kurien but she changed her name after entering the film industry. Nayan split after a brief affair with Simbu and fell for Prabhudeva, who managed to get Ramalat agree to ‘mutual’ divorce after paying her a huge sum in cash besides transferring properties worth crores in her name.

With the marriage of Nayan and Prabhu slated to be held in August, it remains to be seen whether Nayan embraces Hinduism or Prabhu converts himself to Christianity. Nayan is said to be a devout Christian who never misses going to the Churches on Sundays and whenever she finds time. Prabhudeva has reportedly told Nayan in clear terms that the marriage would be held only as per Hindu rituals.

Just in case Nayan doesn’t to this particular ‘condition’ from the Prabhudeva camp, the couple might change rings as per Christian wedding procedures and then would go for a formal Hindu-style wedding.

Keep watching this space for further developments!


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