Will Linguswamy say Okay for Mysskins demand?

Mysskin to learn martial arts in China
Mysskin to learn martial arts in China

Multi-talented Mysskin’ is receiving applauds for his latest venture Yuddham Sei with Cheran(well a flashing choice according to Mysskin) and Dipa Shah a Delhi based model in the lead. Cheran established a new dimension to his acting career with his IPS act as he made critics and others eat their own words for labeling him as a non-performer in recent times.

Now the good news does spread fast and so did it reach the ears of Lingusamy who reportedly approached Mysskin to direct a movie for him.Interestingly the script was based on the Chinese martial art form of Karate and Mysskin who promises to put in his heart and soul in what he does , evident with his performances asked Lingusamy a sum of Rs.35 lakhs to visit China.Moreover he even plans to learn the nuances of Karate himself at the ‘Shaolin Temple’ in China (a location chosen for many Hollywood movie) as he thinks only then will he able to able to delver cent percent results.

While Linguswamy is quite startled by the amount of Rs 35 lakhs for just pre-production and research we wonder is he will give a green signal to Mysskin who is also known for his say ‘unconventional manner’ of working with fellow crew members and technicians.

Let’s wait and watch if he fulfils his Shaolin Dreams.


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