Why Sonam Kapoor Said No to Mani?

Why Sonam Kapoor Said No to Mani?

At the times when actresses are dreaming of an offer from Mani Ratnam what would have made Sonam Kapoor who is just two films (Saawariya, Delhi-6) old to say no was a big question,we raised on May 30th Following Anil Kapoor’s daughter Sonam Kapoor having disposed the offer to star in ‘Pakki’ which is based on real life history of one of Mani’s friend and undoubtedly a project is very close to him.

The Answer is here: Sonam has received an offer to star in the Hollywood flick 30 Minutes Or Less, which will be directed by Reuben Fleischer. Also she is starring in Home Productions Aisha

Anil was in Los Angeles to meet Ben Stiller for their joint venture when he mentioned about his daughter Sonam starring in his home production Aisha. Stiller immediately requested to see the show

Sources also say The actress has also got another offer from Edoardo Ponti for his film titled Coming and Going


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