Why did Thoothukudi Karthika quit films?

thoothukudi Karthika

Talented and pretty-looking Karthika debuted as heroine in the film ‘Thoothukudi’ a few years back. She became famous with the ‘Karuvapaiyaa…’ song. Incidentally, the film also marked the debut as hero in Tamil films for Harikumar, who had been a dance choreographer till then and had choreographed songs for many films. The film was an average hit.

There was another Karthika who starred opposite comedian Karunas in the film ‘Dindigul Sarathy’ and also in ‘Palavana Cholai’. In the recent super-hit film ‘Ko’, we had another Karthika debuting as Jiiva’s heroine. This Karthika is the daughter of Radha, one of the most famous and longest-surviving heroines of yesteryear’s.

Karthika’s ‘paavadai-dhavani’ look in the film ‘Thoothukudi’ suited her very well and won her the hearts of many fans. She then starred in a few films including ‘Naalaiya Pozhudhum Unnodu’ but couldn’t manage a blockbuster movie, which is required to stay afloat in Tamil films.

Karthika isn’t being spotted in Tamil films or in any other place for the past few months. Queries with her relatives and friends revealed that the actress has become ‘fed up’ with the practices followed in Kollywood and had safely retreated to her native Kerala. When we tried to establish contact with her, we were told that Karthika didn’t want to talk to anybody even remotely connected with films.

Wonder what would have forced her to quit the films in a huff!


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