Where is Ranjitha and Nithyananda, are they in undercover.

Where is Ranjitha? The queston for which none  has the answer in Kodambakkam. The break of the hottest issue, has put Nithyananda’s world upside down.

Nithyananda who has cheated nearing 45 lakhs of his followers is also not to be seen. He has escaped from the angry hands of his followers.

Ranjitha has two houses in Chennai, one in Salligramam where she was staying previously. After her marrige she shifted to      T-nagar. Her husband got seperated from her and ran away to Rajasthan.

Ranjitha has rented her Salligramam house, top portion for a director and the bottom for a producer. Sources come out that there was stiff competition for the house. Now as the issue has come out, there is a huge lock in gates of her house.

Ranjitha ran away with Swami !

Nithyananda is also now undercover. One of the ashram worker in Bangalore revealed that Ranjitha and Nithyananda ran away to Badrinath. Nithyananda was in the Bangalore ashram when the sex videos were released. When situaions turned bad, he escaped from there. Always Nithyananda used to go abroad along with Ranjitha. Now also, the same could have happened.



  1. Anonymous

    why do people fall prey of spiritualty…..we can find peace within ourselves by bringing minor change in our thoughts and attitude…I'm not a atheist…but don't believe in these kind of spiritual gurus….kathavai tiranthal ranjitha varaaal…))

  2. Anonymous

    Leave the social disorder on godman Vs fooling people. The medias social responsibility is more shameful by repeatedly screening the footage wherein millions of young children are being spoiled rather than getting awareness.

    These type of sting operations in so called social responsibility are not unwarranted and telling upon our deteriorating culture.

    Intruding in ones private life is very much damaging – who will reveal our politicians affairs with females ?

    The ultimate pollution is done by media they seed , grow and harvest at the cost of us.

  3. Anonymous

    sex is a art, if used in its onways, but these things are shamefull.Avathum Pennaale Alivathum Pennaale!!
    now we know the storys of spiritiual person in india .

  4. krishna

    somebodies make this video true but this is a false one.PARAMAHAMSA NITHYANANDA was a enlightened master,chairman of hindu vedic temple who cant go like a cheap sexual activiyies bcz he is a brahmachari as per veda he is a raja sanyasi

  5. Anonymous

    dai panni Krisha… onna mathiri ethanai peruda kelambi irrukeenga…. emaarrathum, emaathurathuma…..

  6. Anonymous

    I strongly feel this ASS should first come out from woods and confront and then explain his doing…
    WHAT WERE YOU THINKING b….f….a….h….

  7. Anonymous

    dai badu krishna. avanla oru samiyarunu avanuku support pandriye neyellam oru jenmamada potta naye. neye poi avanuku mama vela paru athan correcta irukum

  8. Anonymous

    Dear Krishna,
    Please on behalf of the entire people of India i am begging you that please don't be so illiterate and face the truth. In fact Nithyananda itself didn't talk anything about this video in all his communication after his hide out. If you really believe in GOD why you need these messengers Krishna? It's been proved by experts that the video is not a morphed one. Accept the truth, Come out of dark, Believe in God and not on godman. Best wishes.

  9. Anonymous

    just go and lick his dick. you brainless asshole..people like you creating these bastards. Sick of u.

  10. Anonymous

    Dei mundam krishna.
    po poi avan ************************************************
    elaveduthavane unnaye mathiri aalunglala thaanda evana mathiri moothevingla varaanga.

  11. Anonymous

    Ha ha ha!!! Yaarunga neenga??? Nithyananda vaala romba baathika pattirupeenga pola!!! Anyways,if we all find 5min of our time to sit silently and pray or atleast meditate..I dont think we need godmans…Godmans are also humans..they can never be god!!! The time we come to know about them…We nearly scold them..we dont really recognize that these ppl cheat in the name of God and we dont have common sense to think abt tht!!! The action and the reaction are both happening becoz of our lack of maturity!!!

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