Whats wrong in sitting cross-legged, asks Shriya Saran

Shriya saran cross legged

Actress Shriya Saran has been in and out of many controversies in the past and continues to do so. Her costumes and the sitting posture at many events have raised quite a few eyebrows in the past, the notable among them being her sitting cross-legged and in a revealing attire during the audio-launch of superstar Rajinikanth’s ‘Sivaji: The Boss’ a few years back.

Shriya, born and brought up in North India, defends her act by saying that she has got used to be sitting in such posture for long hours. “I was brought up in typical North Indian culture and I kind of got used to it. “I have been very nice to my co-stars, technicians and the spot-boys during the shooting and mingle with all of them. Still, efforts are on to portray me as a ‘cultureless’ girl.

“Sitting cross-legged at filmy functions, that too in decent costumes, is being blown out of proportions apparently by some vested interests. Some say that I laked the manners and ‘insulted’ someone. In North India, sitting in such a posture is quite a common thing and it was only natural that I got used to it. When a man can sit cross-legged, why shouldn’t a woman do so?

“I come from a family of highly educated persons and my parents have always taught me all the good values. Coming to my career, I’m quite happy that my latest Tamil film ‘Rowthiram’ opposite Jiiva has been doing fine. I hope to continue the momentum and bag films which offer me good roles to enable me to experiment,” concludes Shriya.



  1. maran

    ther is nothing wrong dear shriya. you dress is appealing and the tamil culture should adopt that. cultures always subject to change.

  2. HT

    its indecent when you wear short dress and cross your leg and expose your thighs. Especially when you are sitting on a high level stage where there are ppl are sitting on the lower level. Ppl feel akward seeing indecent exposure in your dressing and your sitting position.  You may have been brought up in North India and it may be alrite to sit in public cross legged with short dress and exposed, but in Southern culture we dont do it that way.

    As they say ” when you are  in Rome, you must follow the Roman’s rule”..So when you in South, follow our tradition otherwise go back where you came from. We are not gonna miss you here in South.

    You dress and behave indecently both in reel life and real life!

    You are a stupid fool to say , if men can cross their leg, why can’t woman do it. Men can  walk around without a shirt can you do it???? There are certain things you can challenge a man, but some  u cant.
    A wise person knows the difference.
    If you want to challenge men, why dont just wear a towel (like in the meow song in Kanthasamy ) and walk around in public!

    You cant act, you are just flaunting your figure so you can get chance in the cinema to earn money.

  3. Smile

    Don’t compare a woman with a man.A guy will walk on the road without his shirt.Can a woman also walk like that??Sitting cross-legged is acceptable in western culture.For them,its lady-like.But here in India,regardless of whether it is North or South,a woman sitting with her legs crossed,does not show very well of her.We are taught to respect elders.Sitting this way in front of elders is equivalent to disrespecting them.I disagree.

  4. Smile

    @HT……I saw ur comment after i posted mine.We both said the same thing.A man can walk without a shirt but a woman can’t….co-incidence.I agree with you.Apt explanation.

  5. hawk

    what is wrong in this smile ?? u r over reacting…. don’t confuse culture with these…. do u know what is culture ?? Culture is one that changes from time to time…. do u know in last century tamilians don’t wear blouse and have u seen temple statues can u show me a statue of female that is completely covered ??? (i could sense your anger but i said the fact)

    if u r voyeuristic u will see this things as wrong it is not the mistake of others who begaves it is mistake of u who see in that way

  6. Vasin

    Enna periyavanga? +2 exam sit panna odane naangalum periyavanga thaane; Me n My father had beer together the next day.

  7. spoilers

    culture culturenu yenda unga kurutha thinkiringa ?? every one as right to wear and begave the way they like

  8. spoilers

    u r +2 student vasin 🙂 i could understand your earlier comments go ahead kid u will learn many things in time to come and u will understand

  9. Vasin

    Men can  walk around without a shirt can you do it????  Aiyo… Like n Like a la compare pannanum; private parts of the body. Woman have 2 areas men have only one. So just like women can’t come out without a shirt n skirt men can’t come out without shorts.

  10. Smile

    Ok.I am wrong.Let me be over reacting.Yes,u said the fact.Those days women didn’t wear blouse.But also,they never used to come out when men were present.The were very well-behaved with elders.That is what we have to follow.Though women didn’t wear blouse,they used to cover with their saree.Statues of females were explicit.But their time was different.Most men used to respect women and saw them as an incarnation of the Goddess.Even in temples,though the deities were semi-nude,people could never have a wrong impression bec they had fear that they would be punished for their ill thoughts.But nowadays its different.Even if a mannequin wears a saree,there are men who stop to drool at it.I have seen it.Be it the old generation or now,in our culture,one of the most taught habit is to respect elders.Time and again it has been stressed by our parents.For me,sitting cross-legged is considered as a disrespect to them.If everyone sees things in the proper way,there wouldn’t be any problem.But these days,its not possible.Women have to be cautious.We cannot blame men.

  11. Vasin

    Enna Smile thideer nu unintelligent a comment kudukare!!! @hawk oda argument culture changes; the chage has gatherd massive momentum in the last 20 years in India. So even the etiquettes of 10 years before do have to be adjusted in 2011 so Shriya’s style may be acceptable.

  12. Smile

    Onnum kozhapale.Explicit-a sollitean.That’s over.But what i said is true.Given a chance,men would do that.I mean you should be knowing better…

  13. indian

    1st india educated and well country change panunga…..aparum comments panunga………………….
    enga partalum………indians kuleh sandai…jati, matam…..and so on………………………………………….

    only in India it could be happen….

  14. Vasigaran

    @Smile….Yenna periya culture namma nattulae…If u read d history our culture in those days Father married daughter, father raped daughter, 60 year old king had 18 year old wife… S dis wat our culture in those days…First elders should teach youngers how to respect , wen dey demselves dont behave properly, den how can dey expect from youngsters…Culture will be change according to time…In those days v didn’t have Camera, media such things or else v would have found more number of such cases… So culture s nothing but a time but v need to change according to time (Culture=Time)… I hope u understood.. If u understand, u never comment on issues like cross legs & x legs…

  15. June

    smile this is an argument i disagree qith. Regardless men or women, spreading your legs or drawing attention to them is not acceptable…it just goes to show how indecent you are. I understand your point about the whole men not wearing shirt, but don’t degrade women….that’s just offensive

  16. Vasin

    Hey Hey…Pasanga challenge pannikuvaanga…..oruvaati enniya massive cemetary onla night fulla paduka vechtaanunga….girls only area la nolanjirkom…but nude a…no eniku experience illa….aana westerners do it all the time…some of them have massive dicks and tight bums…they like to show off.

  17. HT

    To everyone.

    In light of this topic, we have all talked about culture,respect,decency,modesty ,sexy,nudity etc

    The fact remains, Shreya is a lousy actress. She has got no acting talent. She gets changes in movies because of her scanty dressing and maximum exposure. If anyone noticed in the movie Kanthasamy where she dances with Vikram in the Matador scene, she lifts her skirt so high that her panties can be seen.

    She basically flaunts her physical assets to gain attention, as I mentioned earlier both in reel life and real life.

    This is not the 1st time she is into this kind of controversy. Recently she wore a short revealing dress and when a photographer took her picture , she demanded he delete the picture.

    She know, she is a celebrity and photographers definetly would want to take a picture of her in public, then why she has to dress scantily??? Ok  some of you may argue that everyone has the right to dress the way they want. Its true but a wise woman, will dress appropriately depending on the funtions she attends, so as not to attract unnecessary attention.

    There are many talentent and beautiful actresses  who dress so decently with dignity when they appear in public functions. Like Tamanna,Anuksha to name a few….

    Shreya is just a empty vessel who is making a lot of noise in a subtle way..

    She paid a heavy price when she did Kanthasamy…her market went crashing down because of her indecent exposure.

    The indian community is still embedded in cultural values no matter what…which is a good sign

    Lastly in the name of glamour, western culture lets not forget about cultural values and decency.

  18. Smile

    @June.You got me wrong.Shriya had said if a guy can sit with his legs crossed,why not a girl?It was for that statement of hers that i said it is not possible to compare a man and a woman bec a man can walk without a shirt but a woman can’t.What’s wrong in that??Being a woman myself,how will i degrade another?If i had stated it explicitly,then its my fault.In which part of my comments have i said something offensive?Where did i say its alright for people to sit spreading their legs??Its you who failed to understand my comment and arguing blindly.Think before calling me indecent.

  19. Smile

    @Vasigaran….Oru Indiana irundhuta yenna periya culture namma naatulenu kekkardhu rombha thappu.Neenga sonna madhiri thappugal kaala kalama nadandhukittu varadhu.Neenga sonna thappugal namma culture-le mattum nadakardhu illai.It happens all over the world.Thapukku andha kaalam indha kaalam ellam kidaiyadhu.We have to take the good and leave the bad.Just because elders behaved that way,should we also behave such?You have a point.Culture has to change according to time.For eg.Clothing…Men used to wear veytti and women sarees.Can we dress like that everyday?No.So we have changed….that’s fine.But such things like respect for elders,modesty,behaving in public etc…should not change.Adhellam sollikuduthu therinjikanuma enna?If Amy Jackson sat cross-legged,i wouldn’t have said anything bec that’s her culture.Its considered feminine with Westerners.But for an Indian girl,its not the case.Sitting with legs crossed or stretched or wide opened infront of a crowd is considered disrespectful.Ok…as you feel perhaps its her wish to sit that way,fine.I have no issues.Then she should not complain they took my pictures,they tried to be funny with me etc….

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