What would be the title of Sasi Kumar’s film?

Director Sasikumar

Director Sasi Kumar’s upcoming project is almost 60% complete, as per sources. However, there is still no name to it. While the director has been reported to have said that he has 5 titles in mind, he has added that he would wait till the film is all complete to choose the most apt title.

 The film has been shot in and around Karaikkudi, Bangalore and Hyderabad. While everything went smoothly, the Telangana issue posed as a hurdle to the shooting.Sasi had to postpone his plans until the issue has settled down and proceed with his plans after that.

“There were scenes to be shot in Bangalore and Hyderabad. While I could finish the Bangalore scenes without any interruption, the Telangana issue halted my Hyderabad shoot plans momentarily,” Sasi Kumar said.


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