Wedding bells in the offing for Trisha?

Trisha Marriage

It’s not official yet murmurs are being heard in Kollywood about actress Trisha’s family being ‘close to finalizing’ a groom for her to get married and settle into matrimonial bliss at the earliest. Such rumours have erupted now and then in the past few years but the difference this time is that a couple of names are ‘being mentioned’ as the prospective grooms!

Trisha, a leading starlet in both Tamil and Telugu films, had always denied rumours of her impending marriage in the past. The rumours doing rounds this time in Kollywood have chances of ‘being true’ as they are confirmed by a leading actor (who obviously wished not to be named) spilled the beans when he revealed that the actress herself confided to him some time back that she was heading towards the path of ‘marriage’.

Irrespective of her views on marriage and groom selection, Trisha has reportedly decided to toe the line of her family but would love to have a ‘deep interaction’ with the chosen groom prior to giving her consent to the marriage. Trisha has just completed the shooting of ‘Mankatha’, the 40th film in her career spanning close to a decade.

She also plays the lead role in the Telugu flick ‘Bodyguard’ opposite Venkatesh, a film which is remade from the Tamil hit ‘Kaavalan’ starring Vijay and Asin. Uma Krishnan, Trisha’s mother, had been ‘very busy’ in the past few weeks in her search for the ‘right guy’ for her daughter and is said to have narrowed down her selection to just two, out of which one would be chosen.

Trisha, however, denied the reports as she always does. “The reports are baseless, for sure. I shall only marry when the time comes and when I meet the right person and not before that. If anything is finalized, I shall announce it to the whole world!” she said.

Let us see.


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