Was Rajini’s Enthiran actually a super-hit film?


The increasing number of complaints which are filed with Chennai Police at a rapid pace gives rise to the debate which had never been initiated by anyone at any stage in the past: whether superstar Rajinikanth’s ‘Enthiran: The Robot’ was actually the ‘super-duper hit’ film that it was made out to be by the print and television media? The claim by some theatre-owners that the film wasn’t a ‘rousing success’ has sent shock waves not only among the industry folks but also among the general public.

Rajini’s ‘Enthiran’ was directed by Shankar and produced by Sun Pictures at a huge cost after it took over the film’s production from Arun Pandian’s Ayngaran Films. The film, produced at record cost, was billed as one of the biggest hits in the history of Tamil cinema. Successive media reports also claimed that the film created ‘box-office’ records at all the places – both inside and outside the country.

Some theatre-owners from Pollachi, Tirupur, Ramanathapuram, Rajapalayam and Palani visited the city police commissioner’s office yesterday and lodged complaint that they had incurred losses to the tune of Rs.1.55 crore and had named Sun Pictures’ Hansraj Saxena and Ayyappan as the men responsible for the said losses. They have stated that Sun Pictures didn’t return their deposit to them after deducting the losses suffered by them in screening the film.

The very fact that ‘Enthiran’ could have been a losing preposition to some one is highly shocking to all of Rajini’s fans, who are awaiting the return of their ‘Thalaivar’ today from Singapore. The break-up of the amount due to each theatre owner has also been mentioned in detail in the complaint. The new talk that ‘Enthiran’ has caused losses to some theatre-owners has created huge confusion among the fans and the people.



  1. Naan Kadavul

    fuck jayalaitha and his politics…. Enthiran is mega hit film.. dun use urs stupid politics 2 our superstar and his film. MALAYSIA.

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