Was KS Ravikumars daughter Kidnapped?

KS Ravikumar daughter Kidnapped

High drama was witnessed a the office of the commissioner of police, Coimbatore where news spread like wildfire that the daughter of popular film director K.S. Ravikumar had been abducted by some miscreants and that the bespectacled director would be visiting the Commissionerate for lodging a formal complaint in this regard.

This kept the newsmen on their toes as many journalists and presspersons and those representing several television channels gathered at the Commissioner’s office at 10:00 a.m. and were waiting for more than hour for the ‘arrival’ of the director. When Ravikumar didn’t turn up, the crowd of newsmen dispersed at around 11:00 a.m.

Neither Ravikumar not any of his close relatives came to the Commissionerate to lodge a complaint about the alleged ‘disappearance’ of the star director’s daughter. Queries with some Kollywood personalities based in Chennai revealed that Ravikumar didn’t have any plan to visit Coimbatore for any purpose.

When contacted, Ravikumar’s family denied the ‘abduction’ theory and dismissed it as a ‘baseless rumour’.

We sure feel relieved that it was only a rumour and not a news!



  1. Dim

    Duaghter abducted and would anyone be travelling to the commisioners office for an official complaint? Just an phone call to the police station and police will come home to investigate to keep the matter a secret. 

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