Genelia:Asin is over-acting

Asin Genelia War of words

Some time back, it was reported in the press that actress Asin was on friendly terms with actress Genelia and that the two were SMS buddies who used to exchange many info and jokes via SMS at frequent intervals. The camaraderie appears to be a thing of the past as both of
them have reportedly gone on record criticizing the other’s performance.

Asin was reacting to a song in the Hindi remake of the Tamil super-hit ‘Kakka Kakka’. The film is being remade in Hindi starring John Abraham and Genelia, who play the roles essayed by Suriya and Jyothika respectively in the Tamil version. Asin was commenting about the song sequence ‘Uyirin Uyire…’ in the Hindi version and said that Genelia had ‘goofed-up’ a very nice song by her below-par performance.

Incidentally, it was Asin who played Jyothika’s role in the Telugu version of the film. “I worked hard to play the role in the Telugu version, in fact, I lived out the character during the making of the film. Genelia, on the other hand, appears to have not done a good job at all,” said Asin after watching the videos.

In her reply, Genelia has promptly handed over a return ‘compliment’ to Asin. She has said “Jyothika had done the character wonderfully in the Tamil version and looked very good. Asin appears to have done a shoddy work in the Telugu remake version by ‘over-acting’ her part. It’d be perfect if stars stick to what their directors say. I have done the song in my own style in the Hindi version as I didn’t feel the need to copy anyone!”

The war of words is far from over; keep watching this space for further updates!



  1. biz

    asin is in trouble after she left kollywood.. but genelia is not sweet as we see in bommarillu or santhosh subramaniyam.. she is rubbish.. definitely she wud hv performed very bad.. bcos she aacted very few movies in hindi n she dnt get chnace as dey know her acting skills.. moreover all her movies r flop expect bommarrilu or santhosh subramaniyam and janne tu ya  jaaney na… which she performed same role ..nothing different..  

  2. someone

    NOOOO, don’t start fighting Kollytalkies.. I have a fact; 
    None of them, neither Asin nor Genelia, is a good actress. 
    There! DONE! 

  3. ht

    silly people these actors and actress.

    Bharath vs Simbu
    Jiiva vs Simbu
    jai vs jiiva
    asin vs genelia, next….?

    kolly talkies…pls dont waste yr time arguing for these ppl!

  4. vasu

    well said Gene…… Asin is always over acting…………I really felt there wud have been no heroine in dasavatharam after watching her annoying acting . I hate her

  5. -------------

    verdict: they are both overacting
    hindi movie ‘force’ is going to suck big time, they have to, they just have to put a sex scene in that movie.

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