Vishals squint-eye character delayed ‘Avan Ivan’?

Vishal Avan Ivan

Director Bala, known to take his own time to complete all this films, pulled off a record of sorts recently when he completed his latest venture ‘Avan Ivan’ in just an year’s time. The film, starring Arya and Vishal in the lead, is now getting ready for its release as the post-production work is currently in progress.

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While everyone thinks Bala’s style of functioning is the delay for the completion of the film, Vishal says that it wasn’t true.

“Actually, if anything, it’s my fault. When the viewers get to watch the film, they would realize that the character I’m playing has the ‘squint-eye’ problem. For a man with a normal vision, it’s extremely difficult to ‘manouevre’ the squint-eyed look and that’s the reason for the delay.

“I’m sure no other hero has tired this kind of character in a full-length film. I did some research in this field, sure. I am now proud that I have done such a path-breaking role. When I set my eyes in that ‘position’, I can’t keep on doing so for long hours as the vision would be hurt and there would be lots of pain in the eye-balls,” says Vishal.

Arya and Vishal, the lead pair of the movie jelled with each other perfectly and there was no apparent ego hassles between the two, unit sources say. In fact, it was Arya (who had earlier done Bala’s ‘Naan Kadavul’) who is said to have recommended Vishal for the other hero’s role in the film!



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