Vishals Guinness Record revealed

Vishal act as a transgender coupled with squinted look in Aavan Ivan

Earlier we had told you about Vishal getting his name inscribed in the prestigious Guinness Book of World Records. As it is known that Vishal will be playing a transgender in the movie Avan Ivan and coupled along with his squinted looks the actor surely has every reason to celebrate the prestigious honor of being the first one to achieve such a feat.CLICK HERE FOR STILLS

Well the actor also admitted that even though he is proud with this achievement he did have to go through self inflicted torture and pain day in and day out to make things possible for a character which according to Director Bala should look ‘unattractive’.Fans are expecting a lot from this movie which will hitting screens this April.

Well they say No Pain No Gain, this seems to be a perfect example.



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