Vishal upset by Boopathy Pandians attitude


It’s been an unwritten rule in Kollywood that directors usually narrate a one-line script to the hero and get his consent to star in the film. Once the hero’s participation if finalized, the director would seek an ‘advance’ amount in order to enable him to relax casually and prepare the entire script and sequencing of the events of the film.

Even a novice in the industry is quite aware of the pitfalls the director might face in case his debut film comes a cropper at the box-office. For that matter, even an established director needs continuous super-hit films to stay afloat in the industry.

Vishal, it turns out, was planning his next film with Boopathy Pandian after wrapping up the shooting of director Bala’s ‘Avan Ivan’. The actor is said to have paid some ‘advance’ too to Boopathy and had apparently asked him to wait till he was through with the post-production work of ‘Avan Ivan’.

With news emanating that Boopathy is planning to cast Arya in his next film, this hasn’t gone down well with Vishal, though Arya was his co-star in Bala’s ‘Avan Ivan’.

It remains to be seen as to how Vishal handles the issue from now on!


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