Vishal says he is not a competitor to Vikram

vishal not a competitor to vikram

Bowing to the sentiments and reacting to the opposition to the title of ‘Prabhakaran’, Vishal has decided to change the title of his upcoming film. The actor, who had his ‘Avan Ivan’ releasing last month, is still soaking in the kudos and appreciation he has been getting from the critics and fans for his amazing portrayal of a commoner in the Bala-directed film.

Vishal’s upcoming film was titled ‘Prabhakaran’. The film is being directed by Prabudeva and pairs up hottie Sameera Reddy opposite him for the first time. As the name of Prabhakaran, the slain LTTE chief, is being widely seen as the identity of Tamil nationalist feelings in and outside Lanka, the name shouldn’t be used for a commercial film, it is pointed out.

Following stiff opposition to the title and the demand to change it, Vishal has now announced that he would soon be changing the title of the film. Speaking to newsmen, he said “I play Prabhakaran, an ACP in the film. We only named the film after the name of the leading character, which is usually done. Now that a controversy has arisen, it’s been decided to change the title of the film.

“I am quite happy that Avan Ivan has been doing well. It’s Telugu dubbed version is also doing great. I underwent a lot of difficulties in getting the ‘squint-eyed’ appearance. I felt a lot of pain in the eyes but didn’t reveal it to the director. I’m happy to be getting accolades for the effort. The ‘squint-eye’ effort is now being referred to the Guinness Book of World Records.”

“Frankly, I’m not in competition with Vikram to win any (read: national) award. We all do our work and awards and appreciations automatically follow according to the risk taken and the effort put in,” concluded Vishal.



  1. Varagamoorthy

    Vishal, you are a brilliant actor, very good human. You will definitely get National Award for ‘Avan Ivan’ because you did not copy anyone like how Vikram had copied ‘Sean Penn’ from “I am Sam’. He had copied even the hair style, the swetter, the way he falls from the steps…everything is just a mere COPY. He is a copy cat. He even hides his age, he was born on 1964. But you speak the truth.
    All the best Vishal.The copy cats will not get a award, except a warning from the hollywood producer of I am Sam.

  2. buvanakrishnan

    I think Vishal deserves the best actor award because it is a new effort and he had committed himself a lot. Vikram is also a good actor, but the director Vijay had asked him to copy the actor Sean Penn of I am Sam. he did the same. Even though the story makes impact for the audience, the impact originally came from the hollywood, not from director Vijay of Kollywood. It is like eating someone’s food without telling them or taking someone’s wife. People should understand the stupidity of such copy cats. Vikram could have tried a littel bit different from Sean Penn, but he too had copied exactly and he had become a copy cat. I am sorry for Vikram.

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