Vishal decides voluntarily to reduce his fee

Vishal in Vedi

It is said that man’s wisdom increases by his past and present experiences. More than anybody else, this adage fits Vishal perfectly enough. The actor is reportedly stunned by the colossal failure of his latest film Vedi which had ‘wiped’ away the good name he had earned from the critics, movie-goers and his fans for his awesome performance in director Bala’s Avan Ivan.

Despite the media leader Sun Network’s unmatched publicity through its various channels, the plain and bitter truth is that the film has bitten the dust at the box-office. Vishal, whose brother Vikram Krishna runs their home production G.K. Film Corporation, has sensed the situation quickly enough to ‘reduce’ his fee considerably for his upcoming film.

A leading hero voluntarily coming forward to reduce his fee is something unheard of in Tamil film history. Vishal has taken the decision to reduce the fee despite the fact that Vedi was a home production and that the producer wasn’t an outside but his own brother. Still, his common sense in understanding the practicalities of film-making and the producers’ problems has come in for high praise from the industry folks.

The producers would obviously expect other leading heroes to follow suit. Whether or not this would happen is something that only Time can predict!



  1. Aravind

    U have proved u r mettle in Avan Ivan…. but choose directors and story wisely man or else nee summa nadiha kuda yavnum unnai kuppida mattan…….

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