Vikram’s Bollywood dreams dashed

The first and foremost quality of any film-maker or director is to conceive or create a water-right proof and choose the right actors and actresses to play the roles he has in mind. Actor Vikram, unlike other leading heroes in Kollywood, is the most easily-accessible actor and is always to the look-out to give opportunity and encourage new directors and filmmakers.

Some directors do possess the knack of convincing the heroes while narrating the scripts and even make them into believing that the film would come to a ‘naught’ without their presence. It appears that Vikram had gotten into the ‘grip’ of one such Bollywood film-maker who recently met him and narrated a script to him. Bijoy Nambiar, the director in question, even assured him that he’d be playing the lead role in the Hindi film.

Vikram, who had earlier starred in the Hindi version of Maniratnam’s Raavan as a corrupt cop in his only appearance in a Hindi film, was obviously delighted to listen to the news that he would be playing hero in the film. Nambiar met Vikram in Delhi on the sidelines of the shoot of Vikram’s upcoming Tamil film titled Thandavam opposite the sexy Anushka.

While Nambiar narrated the script of David to Vikram a month back, it was a solo-hero subject. However, when the actual shoot started, another leading actor was included in a prominent role. Vikram hadn’t been told about this earlier. As if that wasn’t enogh, it now turns out that it would be Shah Rukh Khan and not Vikram who would play the lead role.

Remains to be seen whether ‘Chiyaan’ would go ahead with the project or opt out of it!


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