Vikram names his parrot Rowdy

vikram parrot rowdy

Actor Vikram has many things close to his heart other than acting in films. The actor, who indulges in many social welfare activities without giving publicity, does have the habit of bringing up pets in his house. He is said to be bringing up a parrot for the past few years and has fondly named the parrot as ‘Rowdy’!

After his children, Rowdy is Vikram’s most-likeable creature. The animal-lover that he is, there are many parrots spotted in Vikram’s garden and residence; most of them are parrots which he purchased during his shooting schedules abroad. One of the parrots has been named Rowdy which repeats whatever is said to it.

The actor, who straddles between commercial films and off-beat films with equal ease, has named the parrot as Rowdy so that the name of this particular parrot is different from the many parrots in his household. Whenever he finds free time, Vikram takes great pleasure in feeding those birds and spending time with them in his children’s company.

We can only hope that the Rowdy doesn’t do anything illegal!


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  1. Parrot_ freak

    Is this Vikram’s parrt, I want to buy it how much will I have to pay Kollytalk? can you tell me? I want this parrot to shit on Surya’s head 😎

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