Vikram mentally challenged person in Deiva Magan


Vikram‘s Deiva Magan has completed a major part of it’s filming with Vikram heading to the USA after sweating it out with Director Vijay and his crew. Vikram will be accompanied by other family members on this trip to usher in New Year 2011.

Sean Penn starrer Hollywood flick I Am Sam is said to be the inspiration behind Deiva Magan. The movie will see the very talented Vikram playing a challenging role of a mentally challenged person and our hero has received a pat in his back by Director Vijay for his performance. Others who witnessed the act are of the opinion that no one else could have pulled the role of better and the decision to cast Vikram in the lead was a golden one.

Those who still remember the other side of Chiyan Vikram in Bala’s offering Sethu and Pithamagan will raise their hands in unison to expect a spellbounding performance by the hero.



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