Vikram meets Matt Damon for A L Vijays next

Vikram -mattdamonPushing boundaries not exactly maybe it’s pushing boulders for Chiyaan Vikram. The heavyweight hero will take his maddening acting talent to a totally different level with his upcoming project with director A.L.Vijay but yeah! With that kind of talent he won’t need to work out heavily for this (We meant his acting skills not his 8 pack Superman-bod ).According to latest reports flowing in from one of the birdies we are told Chiyaan Vikram will don the role of an amnesia inflicted patient.

While his Deiva Thirumagal act of a 5-year old embodied under that beefcake looks had the ladies crying in appreciation Chiyaan’s new role as the amnesia man will have them jumping up in joy (you never know people….and that’s why we love showbiz ain’t it?)  It’s also heard that the movie will be inspired by the The Bourne Identity series starring one Hollywood actor namely Matt Damon. The shoots will be held at Los Angeles yeah! Yaeh! that’s L and a capital A…. with his Deiva Thirumagal actress Anushka Shetty   playing dear wifey and the red-hot British lingerie model Amy Jackson  playing Vikram’s love interest.

So Vikram as an amnesia patient (Brain goes to flashback mode!Beep!…now din’t…Suriya just play something similar in Ghajini) So what do you think Suriya fans…   uhhh……Chiyaan fans about this new movie.





  1. sona

    I loved all the bourne films BUT dnt fink it will be as great as it was in english… y make a film most people have already seen??? i dnt fink it will be a gd move unless vikram does it very very VERY well some how.

  2. sudalaimalai saami

    Nee ean adhukku ippadi salichikkira? nee producer-aa? Istam irundhaa pdam paaru illaatti poyi velaiya paaru? panam poda producer irukkaan, padam paarkka rasigargal irukkaanga..

  3. kh

    vikram is a talented actor. whether the movie is copy or nt no1 cn do justice for the role lyk him. he is the best actor in tamil industry

  4. Soola Karuppan

    dei sudalamani saaami ..I’m also a big Vikram fan – but if the story is a original it can get him more recognition -otherwise ppl will always compare it to the original – no wonder Deivathirumagal was not selected for oscars because its almost a scene by scene rip off from Iam Sam . I’m happy tamil audience got to see that story ..but Vikram needs fresh scripts to take him to next level.
      anyways i agree there is a market for remakes and as a fan i’ll still watch the movie but its AL Vijay who’s really clever . He knows how to rip off the movies and convince even Vikram to act in it..I’ll shut up .Enna ulagam daa idhu..

  5. jello

    Nice article KOLLYTALK….buh may i know whoz fan ru guyz ….my guess is dat kullan haha….since ur tryna say vikrams tryna copy that fag…plzz NOT EVEN IN UR DREAMS , VIKRAM WILL NEVA FOLLOW THAT LOSER ….aadanlum suriya kullan munthitaan intha velaila…antha padatha copy pannurathula ….innoru copy varuthu AR MURUKUTHAS AND SORIYAN IN 7AM PANNADA…..HAHAHA WATCH AND HAV FUN vikram fans …oops sorry soriyan fans hahaha 

  6. Soola Karuppan

    Kulla Nari  somehow gets to package his film to suit the upper middle class and people who think they are sophisticated .. he can never reach the masses like Thala/Thalapathy nor our  awesome Chiyaan !

  7. Soola Karuppan

    correct thaan solre…i need to stop wasting time in such forums and focus on something that will help me make money and then produce good movies 🙂

  8. vengayam

    Vikram and Surya are the best in the industry now.. no doubt.. They surely will take Tamil film industry to new hieghts. 

    Vijay happens to be an digrace to us ofcos! Vijay oru kulla nari.. knw why.. Anna hazare ‘ke poi vellai kattunan pathiya? for political gain!

  9. WhyWe

    As long as people like you around directors AL Vijay will always shamelessly copy from english movies. Tamil cinema will never come up to international levels.

  10. WhyWe

    @sudalamalai saami… As long as people like you around directors like AL Vijay will shamelessly copy from English movies. Tamil movies will never reach international standards.

  11. kumar

    nobody deserve to remake the movie…….the movie its a classic…….for directors in tamilnadu try to make movie using your own story………yes of course vikram is an awesome actor but why does he wants to remake and re-do the same role………he is more versatily from them……..he just degrading himself by doing so………….many gone awestruck seeing his performance in pithmagan and anniyan…… he copying other………..and for the director, he just don’t deserve to work with chiyaan………

  12. vijayalashmi

    =-X very nice………………………………………………….. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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