Vijayakanth in MGRs Kizhakku Africavil Raju Project

Vijayakanth in MGRs Kizhakku Africavil Raju‘Ulagam Sutrum Valiban’ released in 1973 set new ground in projecting MGR as Superhero and the saviour of the masses is one of the ever green box office hits of Tamil cinema and even more interesting was directed by MGR Himself. Even after 37 years the film is still a money spinner on its re-runs. After finishing ‘Ulagam Sutrum Valiban’ MGR announced a film ‘Kizhakku Africavil Raju‘ as a sequel to ‘Ulagam Sutrum Valiban’ for which he even conducted location hunting tour in Africa.

But as destiny had it MGR became more politically active and finally ascended to the throne of Tamil Nadu in 1977. He also voluntarily put an end his film career and that decision shelved his ambitious project ‘Kizhakku Africavil Raju’ as well.

Now after more than 30 years Captain Vijayakanth is reviving the film for himself. Captain is currently acting and directing ‘Virudhagiri’ which will hit the theatres later this year. After that Vijayakanth will take up the project ‘Kizhakku Africavil Raju’ and go from a start to finish schedule.

MGR formula is considered an ever winning formula.With Vijayakanth daring to take up a dropped MGR film is it politically aligned and  a kind of signal to where the DMDK is proceeding for the next elections.As sources say he has already laid a  demand of Deputy CM post  and 30 plus seats if to align with the AIADMK in 2011 assembly elections,or is it Captain would be building over his claimed Karuppu MGR image.



  1. Aval.Thaan.Brandy

    Rajnikanth romance with young girls panna rasichu pappinga.. vijaikanth senja ean verukuringal:P.

  2. Anonymous

    a man will deserve what he will………. for example we had Thiyagaraja baghavathar and N.S Krishnan but the end tale was not a fairy ending…………. Hehe oru Vaannavil pooole en Vazvilae vandhai hero is in his vertical decent………… but a real capitan will know how to control for a smooth landing… but a freeking fake captain…… take care in your project when you land i like to see it hehe a filthy pig………

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