Vijay to host KBC in Tamil

Vijay to host TV Show

Looks like Ilathalapathy Vijay is all set to make waves on TV for a reality show — not just any reality show but one on the lines of Kaun Banega Crorepati for a leading TV channel.  According to reliable sources,  the channel is planning for a reality show similar to the successful show Kaun Banega Crorepati. Though many leading actors names were under consideration, the channel has zeroed down on Vijay, as they believe, a mass hero like Vijay would bring a whiff of fresh air to the channel.

Reportedly the channel had given the actor a ‘blank cheque’ to get the consent of him to hosting the new show and Vijay was reluctant to accept the offer. However, the channel was insistent that the show to be hosted by Vijay. Known for being choosy about what commercials he wants to feature in, Vijay seems to have given it a go ahead because of the immense popularity it had brought to Amitabh Bachchan and Shah Rukh Khan who had hosted similar shows in Hindi. It may be mentioning that a similar show – branded ‘Kodeeswaran‘(‘millionaire’ in Tamil) aired on SUN TV, hosted by actor Sarath Kumar turned out to be a flop.

The title and format of the show has been kept under wraps and the official announcement is expected to be made soon.

Looks like our Ilayathalapathy is trying to pinch in some class with his mass image. Whatcha think people?



  1. Preethi

    This very well shows shows we are getting to be fools again.. I will not be surprised even if this fella becomes the next Cm of TN!

  2. Soola Karuppan

    Awesome ..the businesses know who to ‘invest’ in – someone with Mass appeal – how come no channel wants Surya to be their host ? oh  oh i know the asnwer becayse they also nede to provide a ladder for him to climb up that chair …ha ha ha 

  3. Smile

    Bad choice……can never come close to Big B.To be a host for such a game show,the person should have some knowledge.I doubt Vijay has it.Naan adicha thangamatey naalu masam thoongamatenu solli uthar vitta kandipa program oothikum.Surya can’t do it either.Moreover,you got to be engaging.If he(vijay)is gonna sit there with a straight face like in his press meets,no one will bother watching except his faithful fans.I think Maddy would be close to perfect bec he has got beauty & brains….what do u think?

  4. Rajini Cant

    Thala is busy with sooo many things ..only Thalapathy has it in him to engage non-mechanical ( human beings) in a show like KBC. The producers know who to rope in for such shows …

  5. ss

    Show velanginapula thaan. Yenna thaan thalakila ninnalum you can never even become an MGR/JJ even in your dreams.

  6. usha

    if surya host this show vijay fans will say it’s bcos he got no movie chance.. but since vijay is hosting it, u’re saying he has mass appeal? when surya acted with talented directors, u guys said he was scared to act in a new director’s film, but wat is vijay doing now? jayam raja, shanker, gautam menon, ar murugadas? all these are debutant directors? now u will say it’s bcos these directors want vijay bcos of his mass appeal again? do u know wat’s mass appeal? go watch endhiran and makatha.. tats MASS APPEAL!!

    i just watch velayutham.. wat a horrible movie? it could neva reach the standard of 7am arivu.. any1 act in velayutham, it’ll be a hit bcos of the director’s screenplay only.. but ask vijay to act in 7am arivu that too without a dupe like surya.. he’ll run away!! we all saw his real character after villu became a flop.. how he acted in front of the press ppl..

    well surya is reaching the range of kamal hassan and vikram.. where they experiment different movies.. not all movies will be hits.. but each and every movie is a ladder step in their careers.. and when vikram and surya reach the heights like kamal hassan, no one can even be close to them..

    lastly, we have ajith next to rajini and we saw tat in mankatha.. his style and smile, no one can beat tat.. well vijay can replace vadivelu since vadivelu is no more in action now..

  7. spoilers

    Vijay is bad choice as i feel vijay don’t have the ability to speak spotaneously to host a show morover vijay is a silenk kind of person so you can’t expect that he can bring out the charisma to be a great host…. I am sure vijay won’t accept such an offer as this will not suit him

  8. jack

    usha what ajith is next superstar ah kezhavan nai avan avanla 1km thooruthuku oda mudiyuma kooda theriyathu he always wear court walk walk walk continous walk with background music like rajni sir film
    do u know one thing velayutham 5days collection 40crores 7am arivu 40.25crores remember velayutham release nly in 850+7am arivu 1000+every one knows who is the winner potta ajith solo release mangatha crossed only33 crores in 7days intha nai rajnikanth usha theyidiya etha iruthalum therijittu pesu ommala sutha kilichiduvan

  9. frazzer

    velayudham is an big waste.. never trust comments by Vijay fans.. they are misleading.. its Vijay fans who write comments on velayudham as well as 7am arivu.. 7am arivu is such an strong movie and a must watch.. hell with Vijay fans.. 

  10. usha

    well u r jus a simple example of pathetic vijay fan who doesnt know how to respect woman.. if u r like this i can imagine how would ur “idol” be!

    i dint say velayutham is a bigger hit then 7am arivu or mankatha.. it can be a bigger hit then even endhiran(my foot!) but it definitely was NOT a hit bcos of vijay! who cant act in a film like velayutham? even u or ur grandfather can! but films like mankatha and 7am arivu are tailor made for ajith and surya..

    and u urself said ajith wears a coat and walk walk like rajini.. can u do the same comparison for vijay?
    well the no. of “likes” for my comment and urs says it all!!

  11. usha

    yes vijay should try to act without a dupe and try a different story, other than these masala remakes! stupid movie with a stupid story,, even vadivelu can be hero in velayutham!


    I have a Husky at home, his name is Romeo and usually he loves to watch movies. When we were watching the film, he yawn and went to slp. Hmm such is the situation of VELAYUTHAM. Even my dog cant stand it.

  13. vijayvadivelu

    he doesn’t even have basic knowledge to host this…show must be like thirupachi,sivakashi,villu,kuruvi,velayutham…,full of masala ha ha ha hah aha…LMAO…..

  14. Leena Kumari

    gosh you people are so childish. is Vijay hosting a television show such a life changing event for you that you’ve got to bring out all your claws? If the producer feels Vijay is apt for hosting the show then it’s his wish. he is paying for the show & let’s wait and actually WATCH if the show is successful. how do you know it’s going to a big success or a big flop just by reading ONE bloody article? grow the hell up.

    Why bring Suriya up in this article? He has nothing to do with it right? unless he is paying Vijay’s salary which I highly doubt. stuff a sock in it you immature brats & stop fighting fanwars in every single article or video.

    lastly hasn’t anyone taken a break from all these stupid fanwars to actually note that Vijay does actually have a sense of humour. He was pretty witty & funny during the launch of Velayudham.

  15. jenilia

    He sure has an very good sense of humour.. but he can never beat vadivelu though! that is the maximum that can be compared of him! 😀

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