Vijay To Give Rs 6 crores Compensation For Sura Failure

vijay pay compensation for sura failure

Vijay’s latest flick ‘Sura’ failed to keep up to the expectations of all. It turned out to be one of Vijay’s same style films. And actor Vijay has accepted to pay a compensation of Rs 6 crores to the theater owners for the failure of ‘Sura’.

The Theaters owner association was insisting compensation from Vijay for the loss they incurred. The Theater owner association head Paneer Selvam told that, the Theater owners have incurred a loss of Rs 10 crores by ‘Sura’ film and they wanted back Rs 6 crores from their investment for the film.

But all the sources from Vijay side claim that the film as a hit. Actor Rajinikanth and T R Rajendar paid compensation of 35% when their films failed to the theater owners. The Theater owner association now also expects the same gesture from Vijay. They have told that,further actions would be decided in the meeting to follow in 3 weeks time.

Vijay is at present working for his next flick ‘Kavalkaran’. His next project will be followed by ‘Velayutham’ and the Hindi remake of ‘3 idiots’. The Theater owner association have warned  if Vijay fails to pay the compensation, actions would be taken his coming projects.

Sources come out that, talks are going on between the Theater owner association and Vijay side. The talks are going in a smooth manner and news come out that Vijay has accepted to pay a compensation of Rs 6 crores to the Theater owners.



  1. Ajmal Hameed

    Very good gesture from Vijay………..the theatre owners also should make sure they pay extra if his films do good business

  2. Anonymous

    Good job Vijay! Accepting defeat is first towards success…I am sure you will do well in future and you are not that bad actor either until perarasu spoiled your good flow.

  3. Anonymous

    i hope u select good story lines and have some sensible bold roles. Recently i started to c ur movies and i like them very much …. especially ur pokkiri and gilli and i saw ur old movies which u really had good story lines and interst the audience . i wish gud luck for ur new film with siddque and asin

  4. Anonymous

    Will I get any compensation for the 30$ i paid to see this movie in theatre and associated travel and popcorn expenses.

  5. Anonymous

    இது நல்ல முடிவு. இப்படியே ஓவ்வரு படத்துக்கும் காசு குடுத்து பிச்சகாரனா போடா.
    உன்னகெல்லாம் இது தேவையாடா?

  6. Anonymous

    Thayavusaithu 3idiots nee panatha da baadu,,,,,,,,,, Don't spoil a good film like 3 Idiots…… Ass hole………..

  7. Anonymous

    vijay your punch dialogs are shit,please stop doing the same movies' " you killing us all".please dont spoil Tamil cinema.if u cant do it

    Give up Tamil Cinema ………………………..

  8. Anonymous

    All the boys are very happy that your film filed.At last everyone as realised.u selfish basterd stop fucking doing the same stories,arent u bored

  9. Anonymous

    how many of you guys here spent any money to watch a Vijay's movie in the last few years?? freeya net la pathittu ivlo comment verayada ungalukku.. pudikalana pakkatha.. moodittu po!! all those guys bitching about Vijay here and anywhere else, remember you are letting the sadist in you to grow like a big fat ugly pig..

  10. Anonymous

    1.please stop doing same kind of movies again and again
    2.avoid more usage of punch dialougs your as you was in gilli
    this is my expectation as your fan

  11. Anonymous

    sutha mudukada bawdu khala. who are all talking about vijay. pesaravan ella periya kamal nenappu acting pathi sollitharanga.

  12. Anonymous

    for all the vijay fans "u guys are fucked" All is movies are the same fucking stories………..

  13. Anonymous

    Mr.Vijay! Don't run always behind money. You want to make fast money by doing this type of masala movies. Your father is making you to do like this. Don't Waste public money to see this type of boring movie like 'SURA'. You are not fit for a actor if you do a another movie like this. Don't waste people time. Try to improve yourself

  14. Anonymous

    hei,,,, those ppl who talked crap, u shud realise tat its nt so easy 2 act… u guys knw hw 2 talk oni… if u r unhappy, tel it in a proper manner… nt usin words like tis… 1st of all i wonder if u guys hv achieved netg in ur life at all… big mouths… as 2 vj, i tink u shud change d style of ur movies… its gettin 2 predictable… ur a very good actor.. make ful use of it… all d best 4 ur future ventures n i hope u wud seriously consider wat ur fans hv said… good luck …

  15. Anonymous

    enna tha nadichu ennatha pannam sambarichu ennatha .
    eppadiya poitu erunthingana unga edatha mathavanga
    pudichruvanga ( eg:surya) ennaku athula udanpadillai
    as a ajith fan im telling. u and ajith only in the race
    not other to enter appa than engalukum oru kick erukum
    Thala and Thalapathy entha pottiku nanga ready.
    i think so u both are friends so im supporting not irritating

  16. Anonymous

    those who r talkin wrong abt vijay just see ur face in mirror….its one of the toughest job 2 act and also ppl wont accept anybody easily as a actor…vijay tried very lot early in his carrier and reached tis position…so plz shut ur voices anti-vijay fans……even he didnt chose a ryt story his carrier s like tis….if he choses the ryt one then no one can stop him… plz encourage anybody in cine field so discourage them:-))

  17. sachin

    there r some ups and down when they r failed some wher pls dont hurt them thes f….r theater owner acts off vijay ana is a great actor that he as given 6c to theater owners he is a great owner

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