Vijay-Seeman film abandoned forever?

Seemans Pagalavan dropped

Notwithstanding the many things said about the film, it appears that ‘Pagalavan’, a film which was to bring together mercurial filmmaker Seeman and ‘Ilayathalapathy’ Vijay doesn’t appear to be taking off. In fact, the latest turn of incidents seemingly indicate that the film could well be abandoned.

Earlier, it was said that Vijay would start work on Seeman’s film after completing ‘Kaavalan’. The film released early this year and became a hit. Vijay then started work simultaneously on two projects viz., ‘Nanban’ by Shankar and ‘Velayudham’ by ‘Jayam’ Raja. Now that both the films have almost reached the completion stage, no word is being said about ‘Pagalavan’.

Vijay’s call-sheet diary is heavily packed till 2013. He would be starring in films to be made by R.B. Choudhary, Gautham Menon and Hari. He has also committed to work in a film to be made by Murugadoss. All these films would make him busy at least until the middle of the year 2013. It remains to be seen how would he allot dates for Seeman.

Vijay is said to have already rejected two ‘climaxes’ that Seeman reportedly narrated to him for their film. As such, it appears highly uncertain that the two would come together to make a film in the near future!



  1. veera

    Vijay dont cheat SEEMAN seeman is a good man. We dont want success vijay we want neethi niyaayam that is with Seeman. Make use of him please.

  2. Vasin

    Although I don’t like Sri Lanka Thamilar I admired Seeman for his courage when he risked standing resolutely all alone for them and hated potta paya Ajith hwen he meant ‘cinema kaarangaluku Sri Lanka prachna ethuku?’. I want Seeman to succeed. But once I saw him in Coffee with Anu; he called an other director ‘Appa’; what fuc?  

  3. Malathi

    Ajith is the only guy with great qualities in cine feild today, he abide by rules who always wanted to do his job proper and never exploit his fans unlike this guys who cry, cry and just cry without any proper result for the cry and exploiting their fans in every possible way for their own benefits (u know what I am saying)….so please don’t pull him in to this stuff..

    My queston to u if Ajith raise his voice the problem get resolved ??? what did seman achieved ???

    I am not fan of anyone… I hate this guys who exploit their fans for own benefits… Actor are also ordinary person whose profession is acting and nothing else Ajith realise it

  4. Vasin

    No no….Ajith antha statement issue panrapo avaroda thinking ‘ellaathukum koochal podaranga ivanga’ engrathoda ninidichu because he is not a Thamilan. Mathavangal maathri he couldn’t feel the pain when Sri Lanka Thamilar got killed in ten thousands; I could feel the pain. That is the point. Someone who could not feel ‘it’ cannot be our leader.

    Seema enna saathichar nu kekaatheenga; see the concern, effort and courage. Summa qualities pathi pesaatheenga. Ajith is now behaving like a good kudumba ponnu; thaanundu thannoda hubby pullanga…She is kind of selfish and not suitable for public life; these guys see him as a future leader.

  5. Pandu

    See Seeman doesnt know to make films. His movie Vazhtugal was very bad. He is fit for politics but not for movies. 

  6. veera

    Vaasin I admire your proper thinking. All maniratnam rehman ellaam pottapasanga. Seeman is far more better. But why vijay wants success he is afraid to join with seeman for films because of blind success of surya. But surya is in top because of Director bALA. vIJAY TRY TO JOIN WITH sEEMAN BETTER DONT WORRY ABOUT SUCCESS.

  7. Malathi

    @vasin Y do u want ajith to be a leader ?? more over you are not realing the core issue while bussiness persons are having their bussiness in SL and hadn’t raised their voice y do u demand from an actor ??

    I have a deeper concern for the fellow tamils there but when i come across guys like u who self praise themselves and hate others for no cause made me to rethink

    After all a language is to communicate and reflect the heritage but nothing to take pride of the past glory when u r not adopting to present….. Tamil language survived because of it….  You guys are not for tamil people actually against Tamil people building a psuedo image of Tamil people as argont and hatered.. If u beleive in pride of Tamil people please stop commenting in public forums for tamil cause as you are not able to justify things in a manner that world accepts…… It is your sisters request and nothing personal and have a great respect to you

  8. vijay

    well said … malathi … but dnt bother abt vasin’s comments … he s suffering wid inferiority complex… so jus let him spk watevr he wants to spk

  9. Vasin

    Hey Malathi

    Sister, Respect…ennathu? They are old and wrong. Real things are Win, Pride, Love and Fuc. If I ever come close to you I will want to get into your skirt. Girl na she should see evry boy as a potential boyfriend. Boy na he should see evry girl as a potential girl friend.

    Enna core issue sollala? Mela correct a explain panniruken. He can’t feel the pulse of Thamilar. I am afraid he could become our CM.

    Language just communication medium a? A language reflects choice and progress of people. English is stylish; style is important for Englishman. Just listen to Ministers, MP’s, Administrators…al of them speak grammatically incorrect Thamil now; see the way they look; thonthi, sotta…Thamilar do not put an effort to be correct; no rules; just like shitting on streets; we need many rules; one rule is a Thamilan must lead Thamilar.

    I know I not able to explain the way the world accepts but that does not mean the world is correct and I should give up.

  10. DK

    @malathi..u should be ashamed of commenting this guy..pls rip him [email protected] hope even u viewed this comment..vasin bastard deserves the the hell he can write to woman like that..pls kill this mother fucker..u will be murdered bastard vasin

  11. Smile

    @DK…Brother,i have lost!I have decided to keep quiet instead of protesting.If we throw a stone at dirt,it splashes back on our face.It’s the same with Vasin.The more we rebel,the more nonsensical ideas he gives.I am not in for that.Not that i can’t argue but i don’t want.I am here to read the news and relax not bang my head on a wall…

    But my request,let’s be civilised and not bad mouth him as what he is doing to us.Don’t call Mother F****.Don’t drag his parents in for all they are innocent.If u want to abuse him,by all means…go ahead!

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