Vijay-Asin Starring Bodyguard remake titled Kavalkaran:Vijay’s 51st Movie

After ‘Vettaikkaran’ we all know Vijay’s 51st is the remake Malayalam hit ‘Bodyguard’.

The film has Asin as the heroine and is directed by Siddhique who also did the original. In the film Vijay is appointed as a bodyguard to protect Asin by her rich father Rajkiran.

Now the title has been decided for the film and it has started making news even as the film rolls today in Karaikudi. Vijay seems to be off late more be fascinated by MGR and has opted for the title ‘Kavalkaran’ which is one of the super duper hit film of MGR.Starring MGR ,Jayalalitha,M N Nambiar,Nagesh,Ashokan,Manohar and others, Kavalkaran(1967) was produced by Sathya Movies and music was done by M.S. Viswanathan

After ‘Vettaikkaran’ Vijay has fallen for yet another MGR film title. News is also spread that Vijay has blocked many more MGR titles like Urimaikural, Meenava Nanban and Engal Thangam for future use.

While Dhanush goes blocking all Rajikanth Titles , nothing wrong in Vijay doing it.

But does a MGR title guarantee success for any star other than him? If you go by the records no film which repeated a MGR title in the past has been successful at the box office. MGR films are as unique as him.



  1. Anonymous

    Mookai naaye vijay is back with another film… he shud be banned from movies.. zero acting skills he has… worst hero in Tamil Film…

  2. Anonymous

    illyatalai is always the best…
    i wish u all the sucess vijay..
    go and rock
    dont take the stupid comment by the stupids
    they can only write like this b'coz their stars
    cant do like u so they are jelous.
    ** ALL THE BEST **

  3. Anonymous

    vijay go and put all u're best into your next projects and show these loosu people wat u are made of!!!!

  4. Rajesh

    Vijay is rocking …… Tha next Big thing ….. All the Best Thalapathy

                                          Rajesh ( K.G,F )

  5. Anonymous

    i think ur not nice  :'( saran  i hate all the people who dont like vij >:o 🙁 ay                                                                                                                                        i like all the people who  love vijay!!! 😎 !!!!!!!!!!!

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