Vijay agrees to pay 4.5 crores for Kaavalan release

Vijay will be joining his hands together for a quick release
Vijay will be joining his hands together for a quick release

Just after the bad news of Kaavalan being halted hit headlines there is now news that Vijay has decided to take things in his hands. We heard that the actor has expressed his interest to pay up to 4.5 crores from his very own pocket to the labs that rolled out prints of the movie. All settlements to be done with producer Sakthi Chidambaram will be the hot topic for talks to follow.

While others including Aascar Ravichandran and Madurai Anbuchezhiyan are engaged in heated arguments to make the movie available for release on Pongal Day i.e. January 15th.

We hope matters come to a peaceful resolution as early as possible and we get to watch the movie soon.



  1. Vasin

    pokadai panni pasangala vijay is the mass hero…hr is rock ..da in tamilnadu all the people like somebody gve bad comment abt vijay but they r also like much vijay style …

  2. S.Ramanathan

    Kavalan VCD will be released  even before the movie is out to make Vijay lose his money.God only should question these politicians who are giving a tough time to Mr. Vijay. Wishing you Success, dont be discouraged.

  3. Vasin

    I hate talking and reading about finance. Kavalan pathi news na athu ‘crore’ ‘distribution’ ‘release date’ ‘loss’ ‘flop’ ‘superhit’ etc.. Sick of it. I think we worry too much about finance; we can’t enjoy the real thing. Just like a call girl worrying about tips when making love.

  4. lala

    love vj… guys hes trying give him a chance u guys are same ppl dats goin to watch his film as soon aas it hits the theatres

  5. what a mess

    now a days actors paying to get their movie hit screens??? which is actually the director and producer’s headache. its has all changed now. filmy politics.

  6. sri

    hm..enamo panunga…

    inda padamum uthikichina vijay remba remba pavam 🙁

    btw is someone behind all these troubles ?? i mean is this political or just vijay’s bad time is getting continued?

  7. Anamika

    Hi guys,

    b4 watching the movie don’t come to an conclusion. Interest apart , whether its a remake or what so ever its someone’s hardwork. Don’t judge anyone unnecessarily.That shows one’s own indecent broughtup and personality.


    ayyo vada poche……
    vettaikaran,…..,villu,kuruvi vijay make all of one,but only one missing that’s Aappu sorry Ambu please make the movie Ambu. 
    Vettaikaran,ambu,villu,kuruvi,kaavalan all tiles are related from old stores …
    kaavalan store…
    vijay is the kaavalan of holl forest
    …….then as usual 5 songs 4 fights

  9. sundar

    this is Honest rEVIEW…Kaavalan is Good…viJAY HAS BROKE HIS pREVIOUS FORMULAS AND SHINED IN THIS FILM…HE IS BACK TO HIS OWN PATH….gOOD ACTING …ITS A WONDERFUL LOVE STORY WITH COMEDY…THE CLIMAX IS UNEXPECTED AND THE CLIMAX TWIST AND THE ARTISTS DONE SO GOOD IN CLIMAX….ALL THE BEST mR. VIJAY….CONTINUE THE SAME AND GO AHEAD WITH THIS KIND OF GOOD STORY FILMS…IT MAY BE ROMANTIC OR ACTION OR COMEDY..IT SHUD BE DIFFERENT FROM OTHER FILMS..THATS WAT ALL TAMIL PPLS ARE EXPECTING….ALL THE BEST FOR YOUR FUTURE FILMS….sure good hearted ppls and lovers will cry at climax…i’ve not cn siruthai…but aadukalam oly 1st half ok…2nd half is mokkai….Kaavalan superb…its a romantic family entertainer….u can c a type of vijay as u cn in love today,kadhaluku mariyadhai and friends etc…..Kavalan is nice and sure u can c as a family…..  
    its a gr8 come back…  and i m not a vijay fan….
    vj is always gr8…kavalan super…decent family entrtainer…a fresh vijay in kavalan..not like sura,vetaikaran,sivakasi etc…no action mass n masala…soft romantic entertainer….climax is gr8…soft hearted ppls and lovers will sure drops tears in climax…

  10. Cinema Rasigan

    To all Vijay fans, please dont ever ever compare him or call him as next super star. Super start never had such flops like vijay had. More over now a days ppl are changing so he should come out of doing same F*** stories. That is the reason that vijay films are failing to even collect the actual amount which was spent on that film. Idhulendheu theriyudhu fans have reduced nu. neenga yevalo thaan fans aah irundhulum hardly 3 to 4 days thaan paaka mudiyum but for remaining days normal ppl should come and watch. so please ask him to go out of this field as he cant act in a flim anymore. Also please dont advise him to come in politics, cinema la fans aah yemathalaaam but arasiyal vaadhi gala yaaru may yematha mudiyadhu.

  11. Cinema Rasigan

    Yen da dei sundar kammanati thappu thappa review solre. aadukalam was a very good movie. 2nd half was a bit dragging thats it. Kaavalan eventhough a diff movie for vijay still it was a pain watching entire movie. 

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