Vidya Balan to co-star in Rajinikanth’s ‘Hara’.

Vidya Balan
Vidya to star in 'Hara'

The latest buzz from Kolly camp that Vidya Balan has been offered a role in  Rajini’s ‘Hara’ being scripted, directed, and produced by his very own daughter Soundarya’s Ocher Productions.

Even though the role was not confirmed  officially, a source close to the actress said “We haven’t yet received any formal communication from the makers of Hara” , she is positive about the role coming her way, infact we heard even her parents are happy for her sharing screen with none other than  Rajinikanth.

The film  titled as ‘Sultan the Warrior’   until October 2010  underwent a title change,now called ‘Hara’ ,wondering why this sudden change? Well we found it out for you,the earlier films Annamalai and Arunachalam named after Lord Shiva were major hits among the fans and now Hara also being named after Lord Shiva promises to be a major hit.Talk about superstitions.We heard thrice is lucky , and lets hope this one also holds true.

After  flooring Santosh Sivan’s ” Urumi ”  with her moves as a Mohiniattam dancer, reports of her as co-star in Amitabh Bachchan’s Kabuliwallah and now associated with ‘King of South’ Rajinikanth himself , she definitely is pulling all the right strings.



  1. Vasin

    Good Match to Rajnik. I like him. He wouldn’t cry or plead. He would kill his enemies. I hope he would kill them with silencer attached guns in this film.

  2. praveen

    she is cheap gal!!!she refused to act in tamil movie months back…coz it would bring down her image but now since its rajini she will accept!!!savudeee mundaaaaaaaa…tamilan na chumma va…she is a born tamilan bit not a tamilan now

  3. anonyms

    bt b4 1 year i read dat…..”at first tamil film industry refused n insulted her…. aftr she wnt 2 hindi…she wnt gud n hindi…
    aftr dat agn dey mde a cal 4 tamil movies …dats y she refused….

  4. vt

    yeah she was refused in movie ” Roja kootam ” , reason they gave was she is not showing expressing in her face , then they selected Boomika for that role.

  5. Vasin

    OK; My friend has delivered the verdict; to qualify to act with Rajnik she must do a small role in an other Thamil film. May be with Srikanth.

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