Vidya Balan runs into trouble playing Silk Smitha

Vidya Balan Dirty Picture Still

Bollywood’s Vidya Balan is presently starring in ‘The Dirty Picture’, a movie on the late sexy siren ‘Silk’ Smitha, who ruled the roost in Tamil films throughout the eighties. Silk, who has spun a web in the minds of movie-goers with her glamour and powerful eyes, committed suicide by hanging from the ceiling fan of her Chennai residence in the early nineties.

Ektaa Kapoor is producing the film, which was objected to some time back by Kollywood’s veteran actor Vinu Chakravarthy as he claimed that any film on Silk should have his ‘approval’ and ‘consent’ as it was he who introduced Silk in films. Ektaa, though, had brushed aside the veteran actor’s claims and is now proceeding with the making of the film.

While filming a bathing sequence which demanded Vidya to take bath in a bath-tub, trouble erupted from totally unexpected quarters. No, it wasn’t due to the filming of the sequence. The sequence was being filmed at the Goregaon film city near Mumbai. The sequence, in director’s view, had come out really well.

Minutes after completing the shooting of the bathing sequence, Vidya felt itching sensation all over the body. She could feel her skin getting thick in some places and soon, it was rashes all over her skin. Apparently the water was not so clean which had made her catch rashes. She was immediately rushed to a nearby hospital and is now recuperating.

The abnormal ‘chemical content’ in the water had caused the rashes, doctors have said. Vidya, who is all set to don the bikini for another sequence to be filmed in Hyderabad soon, would have the comfort of bathing in mineral water at that time!



  1. Bumble Bee

    How this plump lady is going to act like Silk Smitha, she looks nothing like her. Silk really took care of how she looked, in the 80’s itself, where most of the actress at that time will look like how vidya balan looks know.

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