Vidya Balan is secretly married to Siddharth?

Vidya Balan weds Siddarth Roy Kapoor

Reports emanating from Mumbai say that Bollywood’s leading starlet Vidya Balan has been ‘secretly married’ to her long time boyfriend Siddharth Roy Kapoor of the popular UTV group at an ‘undisclosed’ location. Known as the country’s commercial capital, Mumbai is also the headquarters of Bollywood, the world of Hindi films.

One of the most talented actresses of her generation, Vidya Balan is starring in a couple of challenging films at present. One of them is ‘The Dirrty Picture’, a film based on the life of Kollywood’s late sexy siren and the perennial item girl ‘Silk’ Smitha. The film is being directed by Milan Luthria; the other film Vidya has on hand is ‘Kahaani’, said to be a powerful script.

Rumours linking Siddharth and Vidya were doing rounds some time the past but the rumour regarding the marriage has shocked Bollywood. Reports further say that the wedding took place late last week and the couple is already on its way to celebrate their ‘honeymoon’ at a ‘safe haven’, the details of which are being kept ‘secret’.

Vidya, who has the knack of choosing performance-based roles quite often, had always maintained that it was merely a ‘bond of friendship’ that existed between her and Siddharth. It remains to be seen whether Vidya would concede the marriage or come out with her denial of the same!



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