Venkat Prabhu

Venkat Prabhu’s Mridangam performance at Sneha-Prasanna wedding

Venkat Prabhu

Come May 11th , smiling beauty Sneha ties the nuptial knot with her lover boy Prasanna. The two have been preparing for the big day and now they have found someone special to take part in the celebrations.It will be Sneha’s Goa director Venkat Prabhu, who will be giving a special performance on their wedding day.

Her boyfriend Prasanna just came to know about Venkat’s hidden talent to play the Mridangam. Initially, the director cum Mridangist declined the offer saying he dint have enough practice, to perform in front of such a big audience. Prasanna hung on to his request and did manage to get a ‘Yes’ from Venkat eventually. The director made things merrier saying he will not only play but also sing some of his favorite numbers with bro Premgi Amaren, at an after-wedding party. Bride Sneha has said that it will be a gala event, as it’s the last wedding in her generation, in her family. Her sister who is a stylist by profession is helping her out with the designs. “I have decided to have different designers for the various functions. I am looking forward to my D-day with a lot of excitement!”, says the lady. Venkat’s kacheri performance will surely bring in a lot more to the wedding day celebrations. 🙂



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