Vairamuthus Kallikaatu Idhigasam Novel to be made as Film


Debutant director Seenu Ramasamy has become the latest ‘darling’ of Kollywood with his work as director in the film ‘Tenmerku Paruvakaatru’ getting him more accolades with each passing day. Lyricist Vairamuthu even went to the extent of describing him as the next ‘Bharathiraaja’ of Tamil films.

It now appears that thanks to the rapport struck between Vairamuthu and Seenu, the latter may bring to celluloid version the novel ‘Kallikaatu Idhigasam’ penned by the lyricist and which appeared in a leading regional weekly for months together as a running story.

Vairamuthu had said sometime back that the novel had a certain ‘image’ in every reader’s mind and that he was highly apprehensive that any filmmaker attempting to turn the novel into a film might just miss out in ‘keeping the image’ intact.

Now it appears that he is confident that Seenu Ramasamy would do a good job of making a film out of the novel.
Reports say that Vairamuthu has given the nod to Seenu to ‘go ahead’ and do the preparatory work. The budget, as planned by Seenu, is said to be around Rs.15 crores. If everything goes well, the film might even be launched as early as by May or June.



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