Vadivelus torcher crosses limits, demands screen play writer credits too


Vadivelu usually the slapstick comedian on screen is also unstoppable when it comes to playing a hero.

His second film as a hero ‘Indiralogathil Na Azhagappan’ may not have reached heights he would have expected; but he is back to settle scores as hero again in Ulagam.So, if you thought it will be just another movie you know what?You are totally mistaken my friend.Reportedly Ulagam will be a multilingual project and almost has budgets that can give any super star film competition. If you are not still berserk there is more and Vadivelu will been seen in 25 different get ups.

Although there is a little glitch in the proceedings these days as now Vadivelu demands his name to feature along the movie credits as a screen play writer too.

Moreover,  his reputation for being involved with all the departments working on his movie is a cause of little worry these days.He has displeased his director by super imposing 10 of the get ups the director suggested.

Certainly Santhanam, Karunas or Ganja Karuppu have not been able to take out Vadivelu out of business but won’t you agree, if we said

There is no greater calamity than been consumed by greed,

isn’t Vadivelu heading for one soon?


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