Vadivelu to face unofficial ban in Kollywood for 5 years


Comedian Vadivelu is not a happy man these days. The actor, who campaigned vigorously for the opposition DMK and its allies during last month’s elections, now finds himself an isolated man. The actor’s stinging personal attack on Vijayakanth and his political outfit DMDK during the elections is now giving him sleepless nights as he fears that the cadres may retaliate in a violent manner.

Already, Vadivelu’s farmhouse in Padappai has come under attach from a group of 30 (unidentified) persons a couple of days back. The actor is presently staying in the closed confines of his Madurai residence fearing attack on his life at any moment by the DMDK cadres, who were restrained till the elections by their chief and actor Vijayakanth.

Surprisingly, Vadivelu doesn’t have a single film assignment on his hands. Even if he had a shooting schedule, he would be concentrating on it and forgetting many things; but that’s not the case at present. Vadivelu’s untimely comments about Rajini’s ‘Rana’ too made things worse.

Kollywood sources say that an ‘unofficial’ ban would be imposed on Vadivelu which would mean in practical terms that for the next 5 years, no producer or director would be signing up Vadivelu for his film. The ‘diktat’ has reportedly been made clear to all affiliated film bodies which are expected to fall in line, now that that there is a change of guard at the State Secretariat.

If it happens, it might as well bring the curtains down on Vadivelu’s film career. The unofficial ban is nothing new in Kollywood which did the same to another ace comedian Senthil who criticized the DMK chief during the run up to the campaign in the 2006 elections!


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