Vadivelu to contest against Vijayakanth?

Vijayakanth - Vadivelu

“I’m a die-hard fan of MGR; I can’t stop wondering how the AIADMK cadres and activists would like to enter into an alliance with a man who claims that he is the ‘black’ MGR” , says Vadivelu.

It was in the second half of 2009 that the misunderstanding between comedian Vadivelu and Vijayakanth came out in the open, with the former accusing the latter’s men of attacking his house and office.

The clash between them was at its peak in 2009 when Vadivelu had even said that he would contest against Vijayakanth in the State Assembly elections as and when it would be held. Now that the date of elections has been announced, one wonders what would be Vadivelu’s stance.

When scribes reminded him about his decision to contest against Vijayakanth, Vadivelu shot back saying that he first wanted to know the ‘decision’ of the activists of AIADMK after which he would make his own decision known to the media.

Vadivelu’s poser has managed to confuse the ranks and cadre of the leading opposition party, it is pointed out by observers.

Will Vadivelu be willing to contest opposite Vijayakanth or it’s just a public stunt?  Stay tuned with us for further updates.




  1. Kumaran

    Tamil Indian Politics is extremly collapsed. Actors and Comedian step up politician ??? for making more punch dialogsss. GOd help this country!!!!!!!!!!!! 

  2. Vasin

    Thamil Politics’a? Ongluku Thamil politicians Pakistan’la irntha varanga? Thamil community’e collapsed. Olagatha 200 nations’la 5000 communities irkumna athla Thamil community 4000th ku anthaanda than rank aagum. Sila Tribal communities and most of the muslim communities are the only ones worse than Thamil communities.

  3. முனியாண்டி

    ரெண்டு கோமாளிகளின் அரசியல் கூத்து.

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