Vadivelu thinking of formally joining the DMK

Vadivelu to join DMK

Sources close to ace comedian Vadivelu say that the beleaguered comedian is seriously ‘weighing’ the options of becoming a full-fledged member of the opposition DMK. Vadivelu campaigned intensely for the erstwhile ruling party in the Assembly elections held in April and during his campaign speeches, he took to task the DMDK chief Vijayakanth and commented about him almost at will.

As it turned out, the DMK lost miserably in the elections; as a result, Vadivelu’s position has become untenable as he now faces the wrath of the activists of DMDK who have been bolstered by the victory of their party, which allied with Amma’s ADMK in the elections. Vadivelu has been facing harassment in various forms, it is said. This has added to his already terrible position where he finds himself out of work in Kollywood with not a single film on his hands.

Vadivelu has been confining himself to his Madurai residence for the past few days, apparently contemplating his next move. Unable to bear the harassment by DMDK volunteers, Vadivelu is reportedly considering the option of formally joining the DMK (like actress Khushboo did last year) so as to take on his rivals ‘politically’.

Vadivelu is said to be particularly unhappy about the fact that though he remains confined to his residence, the volunteers are still ‘abusing him’ verbally by using ‘unparliamentary language’ (like he himself did during the elections). Pushed to a corner, he is now a the crossroads of his career where not long ago, he was the leading comedian in Kollywood.

Finally, there is some good news on the professional front for Vadivelu as he would be starring in a new film titled ‘Ulagam’ where he would be appearing in 25 different get-ups (isn’t it too much?). He hopes to bounce back with this film in a big way.



  1. usha

    at least he has a job now.. well that dmk has got alot of money.. cant they pay him few lakhs a year to be their “nodding cow”?

  2. cyrusdass

    Thats a great news because  you cant leave out talented persons like vadivelu for too long. 25 getups shows his super confidence in himself and ivarin thiramai enbathu kudrin mel vaitha vilakkuku samam. adampidikathirkal rasikargale. konjam purinthu kollunggal.

  3. Salumaa

    vadivelu should act. whatever is his difference with vijayakanth, that shudnt prevent him from acting.
    He is a good comedian who has kept us laughing for so many years. we are normal people who would like to watch comedy and have a laugh. so Vadivelu should be given chances to act. 

  4. bebo

    In above pic.. chup chap nu irukkurathu vadivelu dhaney… he shud hv been like dat during election times..ippo he neednt face such critical conditions…. now he is just worried bcos dmk dint win so he cant act in movies as before dats it..he still dint learn the lesson about the dirty politics and cinema..hmm if he cant undstd these games he shudnt hv poked.. now he have to sail all the way alone to rescue his family and himself.. none is going to help as he dint seek advice from others before doing all these.. and after doing all these …even if he dnt like to be in DMk party he got no options to get rid off ppl willnt bother abt him

  5. bebo

    neenga enna DMK supporter ah.. I have seen ur comment on d other issue on rajini also..u seem to support all bakwaas did by vadivelu and DMK family..  hmmm enna kudrin kandru nu sema comedyana words.. vadivelu mela aanalum ungaluku rhembha confidence pola theriyudhu.. like d DMK & its supporters I am sure you wud hv enjoyed  those stupid videos where dis vadivelu speaking ill abt vijaykanth ..bcos of that only he is suffering now..  since ppl  chumma yedhivittu he continued to speak more badly… now he is in trouble… 

  6. vadivukarasi

    Vadivelu arasiyal thevaya ?? DMK is not even in the oposition … just stop all these crap and got to himalaya for few years and then make a come back. Remember, out of sight is out of mind?!

  7. Bala

    All you stupids, should think Vadivelu is the big supporter of MGR & his policies. He opened the propoganda against only with Vijakanth.Rather than join as full fledged member with DMK, he can wait ,When Rajani back to politics. No one is perfect.Leave him alone.

  8. cyrusdass

    ridiculous, I have seen ur filthy comments yesterday, dont u feel ashamed of it, r u “that” kind of gal?

  9. Archorn

    Gone are the days where people join and launch political parties, to serve the people/masses/public. Nowdays people join political parties because they feel cool by doing so, they have problems, they want to make money, their father in law asked them to do so all kinds of nonsense. Some even can come up with press statements stating that they are joining political party because they dont have any work to do (dont have films at hand) and to avenge their foes. Pricks…

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