Vadivelu: ousted or opted out?

vadivelu opted out of Sundar C film

Some time back, media was abuzz with comedian Vadivelu’s comeback in actor-diretor Sundar C’s upcoming untitled film. It was touted as Vadivelu’s comeback film after the ace comedian remained silent for the past few months especially in the wake of the humiliating defeat of the DMK in the April Assembly elections. Vadivelu campaigned hard for the party’s success in the elections and was bitterly disappointed.

The change of guard in the State meant that any producer who wanted to sign up Vadivelu would have to be a very courageous one. As such, Vadivelu neither signed up any movies nor was he approached by the makers. It was in this backdrop that Sundar C’s film was seen as the film which could signal the ‘second innings’ of Vadivelu in Kollywood. Yet, it now turns out that it was Vadivelu who turned down Sundar’s offer.

In Vadivelu’s absence, comedians like Vivekh, Santhanam and ‘Ganja’ Karuppu are reportedly having the best time of their lives with many offers on hand. Sundar said some time back that he wasn’t in the idea of casting Vadivelu in his upcoming film and has gone ahead and signed up Santhanam as the lead comedian in the film. Vadivelu has a reason for refusing Sundar’s offer, it is said.

It is revealed that Vadivelu’s is preparing himself to play the ‘lead role’ in a new film in various get-ups and is there fore not willing to divert his attention to other films which was the reason he refused Sundar’s offer. Sundar, who wasn’t amused at Vadivelu’s refusal, immediately signed up Santhanam to replace him.

Vadivelu would do better to remember the horrible fate of Indiralogathil Naa Azhagappan, the last film in which he played the lead role!



  1. concern.

    wish u all the best. state of tamil nadu is run by ass holes who only benifit themselves and rip off the people. a strong leader shoul be born to clean up the whole state. fisrt get rid of the movies and all the crap behind it. state is run by film stars and sri lankan issues.

  2. malavan

    main actor vadivelu, heroine jayalalitha, villan karunanidhi. all bunch of comedians who can make the state look like idiots.

  3. ismail

    heey nambalku theriyuthu….vativel paisa pakkuthu..athu sampal vaddi mathri kekuthu..producers baipaduthu..insha allah vativel’ukku nalla kalam..porukuthu nalla kalam porukuthu O:-)

  4. navistephen

    Vadivelu is a professional comedian and all the producer or directors should acknowledge and give a chance for his professionalism.i dnt understand why they had to worry about the politician these person who invest their hard earn money should make the call not politician or even directors too.Who cares about out side activities from the cene field if any one offended other person sue him but throw sand on peoples rice bowl .So sad to say that there are still immature people around cine fiel who call the short huh.

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