Vadivelu gets shock treatment;Prabhudeva refuses to give chance


Popular comedian Vadivelu, a household name in terms of fan following, did a high decibel campaigning for the battle for ballots in the assembly election held on April 14. He supported the combine led by the DMK and succeeded in gathering huge crowds through his humorous speech.

The actor, known for his colloquial dialogue and funny one-liners, didn’t hesitate to involve the crowds in his address and was even seen shaking a leg to local music.

His mimicking of DMDK leader Vijayakanth, considered to be a rival due to some tiff as colleagues in Tamil cinema industry, had been his main focus which seems to give the crowd a hearty laugh.

But what impact did it have on the voters would be known only the day of poll counting on May 13.

However his personal attacks against Vijayakanth who was the main reason for Vadivelu’s growth in Tamil films have definitely created a huge impact in the Kollywood industry. The comedian who has no films on hand right now has reportedly called Prabhudeva, the director of Vishal-Sameera starrer upcoming film to get a role in the film. But to his surprise, he didn’t get any response back and Prabhudeva is said to have cut the call immediately.

Vadivelu, the ruling comedian did never expect such a bad response. The well-wishers of Vijayakanth said, “This is just a trial. He will be removed from the Kollywood industry fully after May 13. He will feel every day as why did he talk abusive words against Vijayakanth.”

The actor who doesn’t know any business other than Cinema seems to be very upset as the entire Kollywood industry seems to have turned opposite against him due to his personal attacks against a co-actor.

Well the comedian will have to wait till May 13 to know his fate whether he will get a life in Tamil films or not.



  1. KK

    he is been thinking that he can rule the roost for years to come by… he is definitely going to see that he himself will be under house arrest as there will be no films coming in his way.. Loose naayi.. he ACTS GOOD in film but he thought he ACTED SMART during campaign which is nothing but digging his own grave…. saavu da mavane saavu..

  2. Arya

    But Kushboo didnt do personal attacks against anyone including Vijaykanth..she just asked people to vote the DMK based on its performance…

  3. raj

    This is too much. Even without power vijayakanth doing this to vadivelu means, what will happen if he ever comes to power? What is wrong in blaming vijayakanth’s mistake as he already in politics and never paid tax for such a wealthy person..

  4. Yadv

    we can’t compare Manorama to Vadivelu.. she did it and Rajni was so humble in getting her a chance in Arunachalam.. she was been rejected by the director in tat movie.. Bug Rajni told achee would be the best to suite this role. And she was given and she realised tat wat she told was incorrect.. but this guy Vadivelu is no where.. just started n thinks he rules kollywood.. dashing dash he is

  5. Aravind

    Comedy perula thanana keval padthui ketta mookai piece….atleast if he would have behave decently uring the election things would be far better…..u think DMK will support u forever..loose payana nee……nee ye un mudivuku vali thedikutta……

  6. Gk

    why actor,actress,comedian and all cinema people involved in indian politics?people who know to act should act in the movies,people who knows indian history and indian politics should be in politics.why not cinema is just cinema and politics are just politics?

  7. Jollu party

    Adhella Saari… Who gave this information to kollytalk either Prabhudeva should have told nor Vedivelu. First thing both cant say dis thing because its  a prestige matter to Vedivelu & Prabhuceva wil not  say openly to media or to other people dat he has disconnected the call of Vedivelu. So i think its a Fake News.

  8. Bala

    He is star not only comedian also a good actor.He is not deserved any chances of refuses in cinema. NO VADIVALE means no comedy.He has the previlage to talk what he think not Vijakanth think.He is a star whoever ignore loose their business.

  9. Ramapakshae

    Tamil people are lik that dey always cheat each other & kill each other to live there life.. First of all he left his wife itself so no surprise of dropping vedivelu… His own wife got cheated by him, so vedivelu is nothing to him.

  10. Usha Parvathi

    vadivelu would have properbly be whining abt his current situation to some1 and the news gets spread around.. like wat media always reports “mentioned by close sources”.. we’ll neva know who these “close sources” are..

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