Vadivelu campaigned for DMK after seeking clearance from family deity


Though it’s not official, it is being widely rumoured in Kollywood and spoken in hushed tones that ace comedian Vadivelu could very well find himself in trouble in the backdrop of the change of guard in the State. The actor’s active campaigning (which later turned ineffective, though) for the opposition alliance in last month’s elections has made his life miserable in the post-election scenario.

Sources close to the beleaguered comedian, who is said to be fearing attack on his life at any moment, say that the actor indulged in a full-throttle campaign only after ‘seeking clearance’ from the family deity at his native place. Little did he expect that the campaign would go awry and people’s mandate would be so different and decisive.

He is also getting advice from his well-wishers to align himself officially with the erstwhile ruling party but is said to be feeling ‘hesitant’ to do so. The actor, who surprisingly has no project on his hands at present, is said to be ‘cornered’ by his political adversaries. Rumours suggest that an ‘unofficial ban’ has been imposed on him wherein producers and directors have been ‘instructed’ not to sign up Vadivelu for their future projects for the next five years.

Only the film-makers owing allegiance to the erstwhile ruling party might sign up Vadivelu for their films, it is said. Martin, whose proximity to Kalaignar is well-known, is said to be planning to cast Vadivelu in his upcoming film.



  1. Vasin

    Deity endorse panna murder pannalama? Somebody get it and kill him; I hate comedians; kill Vivek and santhanam too!

  2. அக்னி

    இதற்குத் தான் சொல்லுறது ‘நாய் பார்க்கிற வேலையை நாய் பார்க்கனும், கழுதை பார்க்கிற வேலையை கழுதை பார்க்கனும்’. இல்லாவிட்டால் வடிவேலுவை பார்க்கனும்.

  3. Aravind

    Martin oru periya thirudan….avane duplicate lottery print panni makkala yemathunven……….anniniyan paduthula solra mathiri 10 kodi peru keta 10 paisa daily kollai adichavan…evan nala than Jayalaitha lotterya ban pannunanga…….athu nala than avan kurrutu kabothi keta poi senthan….rendu perum thiritu naiga………….avangolada entha oolai udra naium serunthuduchu……………

  4. praba

    nee ellam oru pirppu unekkellam oru pulaippu.. 
    Melum ATTENTION kidaikka vendum endral 
    ammavoda paduthen sugamaaga irunthathu endru papaerila NEWS KODU


  5. praba

    I FEEL SO SORRY FOR YOU..   YOU JUST NEED ATTENTION…   ROAD le THUNI ILLAMEL ODADA NAAYE…   nee ellam oru pirappu unekkellam oru polapu..   Melum ATTENTION kidaikka vendum endral   ammavoda paduthen sugamaaga irunthathu endru papaerila NEWS KODU  PORUKKI NAAYE… ATHU SARI AMMA APPA YAAR ENDRU THERIYUMAA?

  6. Vasin

    Mudra Kena! Oniku eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee nu iluchtu irkanuma? Atha vechu oru gumbal polaikanuma? Charlie style na OK; Thamil comedy disgusting; you encourage it; fuc you!

  7. muhammed

    velu bhayapeda vendameda… yaaraleyum unne onnume pudunga mpatta…yevanavatu athukku thunichil erunthal parkattum ava kudumbame nasham panni veduven…

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